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2005-10-10 - 10:10 a.m.

Dear Insufferable Assmunch,

If you are going to pass someone who is traveling in the fast lane, have the decency to go far enough ahead so that the person you are passing doesn't have to hit their brakes and disengage their freakin cruise control to avoid hitting your dumb ass.

And while I'm at it... what is the point of passing people in the fast lane, only to slow down to below the speed limit and then in a burst of ignorance, speeding ahead and cutting people off again? You know you are planning to travel below the speed limit. Why not just embrace your slow-assedness and stay in the right lane where you are not as much of a danger and a roadblock?

There is only one way to deal with an ignorant person like yourself. That is to chase you down, run you off the road, grab you by your uvula, snatch out your liver through your ass, and then smother you with it. I did not have time for this today. Plus, I didn't want to get my new shoes dirty. Therefore, you live to annoy others for another day.

Yours truly,

spring - fall

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