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2006-04-24 - 2:53 p.m.

Let me tell you something people. If you are trying to eat healthy, avoid the Devil's fruit, Avocados.

We have been eating a lot of the ugly little buggers around here lately. We thought it was healthy. When I say "we", I mean myself and my sister myramains. We are doing a little pre-summer dieting. We have a few diet worthy events coming up in the near future, so we want to look our best and feel great and all that rot.

So today, I decided to stray from the plan a little, since we are low on supplies, and I made myself a healthy little salad out of avocado and tomato and spread it on a small round of flat bread with 2 slices of american cheese. I considered the 1 extra slice of cheese to be a small cheat and a little protein boost. An extra 100 calories, approximately. No big deal. Right?

Wrongo. I decided to look up all the ingredients in an online calorie counter and to my absolute shock and dismay, I found that one medium avocado is 306 calories and 30 fat grams!!!!!!!! SHITE! Too late, man, toooo laaate. I am not down with the finger in the throat method of grocery retrieval, so I just have to live with it. Altogether, my light healthy lunch cost me nearly 850 calories!!!!!! I could have had 4 LARGE BROWNIES OR 4 DONUTS FOR THAT AMOUNT OF FAT AND CALORIES!!!!!


Fortunately, I haven't eaten anything else today, so I'm going to have a big spinach salad for dinner. You can eat a pillowcase full of baby spinach leaves for a tiny price in calories. 1 cup = 7 calories.

Shit. I was going to have a spinach salad for lunch and then we were reeeeeeal low on spinach so I made this terrible alternate plan. I was feeling guilty about the flat bread when it was the evil avocado I should have been regretting.

Alright, I'm shaking this off now. I shall recover. I'm going forth to buy new dieting supplies. I guess you know what I'm crossing off the list.


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