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2004-12-06 - 1:03 a.m.

Yikes. I'm going to have to make this snappy. It's just past 1:00 am and I am about to go to bed. I have to get up in 4 1/2 hours and I probably won't even doze off in that time. I have to report for work on a new assignment that I am not too thrilled about. I have a feeling they are going to expect me to pull a rabbit out of my ass and work some serious miracles at this facility. But the money is good and they are putting me up in a ritzy king suite that has a jacuzzi, a living room, 3 TVs, a data port, and there's a tv in the bathroom! I'm happy about the luxurious accomodations. I'll be living there for the whole next week and probably week after week for a long while.

While I am happy about the fancy hotel, I am kind of sad about going away from home right at Christmas time. I wish they had decided to start me on this project in January so I could be home through the holidays. We went out and got our christmas tree today. We were all eaten up with the christmas spirit. It was like mission impossible. We had to get a tree and some lights and decorate it before bedtime, while getting dinner and getting me packed for my trip. We bought a fancy tree stand for 30 bucks so we wouldn't have a hard time getting the tree to stand straight. The guys at the tree place didn't bother to put the tree in the do-hickey the right way, so we had to pull the bitch out and trim off some branches with a ginsu knife.


We're women, we don't have a saw.

I just happened to get suckered in a knife demonstration yesterday and had this handy dandy knife that you can cut metal and wood and still slice fresh bread without smashing it. The knife never dulls. Ya see. Anyway, me, Myra, and Bink were taking turns hacking away at these branches. We finally got the tree in the stand the right way and then we were all about lights. After some untangling, the discovery of a few long stretches of no-working bulbs, and some imaginitive cussing, we got the tree sufficiently lighted.

Then we decorated the tree with all my beloved special glass ornaments. Since I would be devastated if any of my special ornaments got broken, we twisted the wire hooks around the branches so those bitches will never fall off. It will be hard to undo the tree decorating when it's time. Thank goodness I'll be out of town! hahaha

I usually end up undecorating by my damn self, so it will be ok if I miss it this year, but I will try not to, since the ornaments have to be guarded against breakage. I buy a special ornament every year. I have some really cool ones. It's all done and we decorated the mantle with left over branches off the tree and lighted houses and stuff. We didn't have time to get the house lights hung up outside. That will happen without me, on Wednesday. I hate it that I will end up away for most of the days between now and christmas. I'll only be here on the weekends. I'm kind of sad about leaving everyone and my dog puts such a guilt trip on me when I leave her that it will be hard to go.

Christmas is going to happen too fast for me this year. I've done most of my shopping though and I even wrapped some of the presents today so they won't be seen by any rugrats who may live here. I guess I will do some shopping during the week while I'm away.

I'm also sad to be leaving my lovely computer with her nice, loud, beautiful external speakers. I like to physically feel my music sometimes. The laptop doesn't quite have the decibel count going for it.

But I'll be living large in the casino. It's a casino hotel. It's going to be swell. Like just about everything in my life, it's a mixed bag. There's stuff to be happy about and stuff to be sad about. At least I got my nasty cold and my time of the month out of the way. I'll be starting the new project with good energy, unless I'm zombiefied from getting no sleep. That's a pretty big possibility, actually.

I'll be back tomorrow though, because I am taking the laptop. I'd go nuts if I had to be offline for a whole week.

Perish the thought!

Ok... nuff rambling for now. Wish me luck. I'll be back with the updates. Tomorrow should be interesting. I might get good news, bad news or both. As long as they don't try to make me transcribe, I'll be able to handle most anything else they throw at me. Probably.

Maybe I'll gamble in the casino and win big. Then I'll quit altogether and christmas will be uninterrupted. Till I run out of money.

Where is my rich sugar daddy? What the hell??? I ordered one AGES ago and I am still waiting. I need a rich sugar daddy to come and take me away from all this workity-stuff.

Ya know... I could probably ramble until time to get up. I'd better hit the sack. I took a big slug of Nyquil and I'm starting to feel tired.

Later Gators.

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