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2004-06-10 - 12:55 a.m.

Last night I went to dinner at our favorite chinese buffet (sorry O.N.)with Myra and her two little ankle biters. We were having a lovely time, gathered 'round the dinner table, all Walton-family-like, when the sweet little 2 year old girl with the very clear verbal skills suddenly asked Myra this question:

"Are you a bitch mommy?"

::insert the sound of a record being scratched as all other sound in the restaurant is suddenly halted::

Myra said "No! Well, yes..." and we looked at each other, stunned and searching our brains for where she could have gotten this from...and then the baby looked at me and said "Are YOU a bitch, Mimi?"

I said "No. Why are you saying that?"

The baby said with total wide eyed innocence: "Because you ARE a bitch."

Enter waitress.

And much tittering and snickering.


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