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2004-01-06 - 12:58 p.m.


The DSL is working again, I'm not at work today, and I think I just reeled in a brand new client!!!!!

This client will be a humdinger, because they are contemplating letting me do a Retroactive Analysis and if I get to do that, they'll be paying me 10% of whatever money I find for them. This will be quite a wad, since I suspect they lost tens of thousands of dollars over the past year in coding mistakes alone. OK, that means nothing to anyone but me, but suffice it to say that the bird of paradise may have just shat into my wallet.

That is a really nice bit of happiness for me. And I needed something nice after the day I had yesterday.

The DSL thing just ripped it for me. Then Myra's hostility about her day magnified mine, and mine magnified hers, and together, we were a powder keg! It was literally palpable hostility. We weren't mad at each other, just the rest of the world.

Here's a fun little story:

Binky and I went out to dinner a couple of nights ago at the restaurant where her best friend works. The best friend, whom we lovingly refer to as "Heifer" said Binky's ex boyfriend, "Doofus", was recently in the restaurant talking smack about Binky. He told Heifer that Bink is a lesbian, (how else could he possibly wrap his brain around the concept that she doesn't want HIM? She MUST be gay) and furthermore that Bink never really liked her best friend, Heifer. She just pretends to like her so she can get a christmas present once a year. (oooh, busted)

I seem to recall that this asshole told Binky when he first met her that his last girlfriend was a lesbian. I am seeing a pattern here. It could be that he is such a lousy boyfriend that he drives women to change their sexuality. OR, he's just full of shit. Either way, he's the asshole.

He also told Binky a long time ago, that her friend Heifer was a lesbian. This is his favorite thing to say about someone he wishes to harm or alienate in some way, because he's a homophobic dillhole. It's a useless defense, since we don't give a flying fuck which of our friends is gay. That would only matter to an anal retentive homophobe, like himself.

I was a lot madder about him telling her friend that she doesn't really like her than the whole lesbian thing. Trying to make a girl doubt her friendships is damaging. Heifer knew he was full of shit, but you know how people are. She may have some little mustard seed of self-doubt down inside her that makes her almost believe that shit.

Everyone knows all the girls he has "outed" have been straight, so that jab is totally written off as bullshit by all who hear it. But still, it was pretty shitty of him to try to damage her by talking shit. It makes him look even more pathetic than he already is.

I am so glad Binky is done with him.

And that is all Forrest has to say about that.


I haven't forgotten about the chart I'm doing on Dan, Dan he's our man, also known as his-holiness. He gave me and Myra some sweet New Year's wishes. I have run the natal chart and now I am fleshing it out. I'll post it when I get it all done. For his-holiness sayeth he be-eth not bashful about such things.

I am learning some things about good fortune aspects in people's charts and it would appear that I should be writing books. I have super lucky aspects in my 9th house of publishing.

I'm also learning about good fortune between working partners and it seems that Myra and I could make a fortune together somehow. Our charts show several "golden aspects" between us.

Must..... learn..... more...

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