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2004-03-19 - 9:32 p.m.

I suspected I worked for a serious asshole, but if there had ever been any tiny shred of doubt about that fact, it could all be safely put to rest today. For only an insensitive asshole would try to stab an employee in the back while they're grieving.

This morning was hellish for me. I woke up sad, I felt like crying, I was worried about my remaining dog, who is undergoing heartworm treatment and doesn't seem to be acting right. Also, it's Friday, and I have been just living for Friday so I could be at home to grieve where I could be comfortable. There is just something so horrible about having to be in an unfriendly environment when you're feeling heartbroken.

So I took a Valium. I had taken one last night, and I think they overlapped too much or something, because I was buzzing like a mofo. My vision was altered, I felt kind of dizzy and totally off kilter. I had a hard time getting ready for work and I couldn't get Abby, my cocker spaniel all squared away in time to leave right on the dot. I got out of the house 5 minutes late. Traffic was bad, and I clocked in at 8:09. I've been early every other day in the pay period, so one unavoidable tardy should be overlooked.


However, I work for an asshole, therefore nothing EVER is overlooked. They treat us like kindergarten children. We have to account for our every moment, even the salaried people. If you only got in 79.98 hours on the pay period, they take the 2 minutes off your vacation time. They are just that assholey. Everything is a big deal.

That is how my morning started, then this happened: I got a phone call at work from a college student who will be graduating in May from the medical records program at the local university. She was inquiring about the open position in my department.

That would be my job, thank you very much. I talked to her long enough to get the scoop out of her without letting her know this was all news to me. So the asshole is advertising my job out from under me. They TOTALLY thought I would quit when they cut my pay. Quit - as in CAN'T FILE FOR UNEMPLOYMENT.

WELL IT DIDN'T WORK. Let them fire me. I haven't done anything wrong.

So when that plan failed miserably, they insulted me by taking away my internet service while leaving it on every single other computer in the whole company. My computer is the ONLY one without internet access. We have to make all kinds of extra efforts in my department to do things the old fashioned way, because I cannot be allowed to access the internet. We are 20 years behind the times now.

I should be doing the pain in the ass job of physician credentialing, but that requires internet access, so I don't have to do it. Dumbasses. I'm glad, because if they are dumb enough to do part of my job for me to keep me from having a convenience, they're morons. Knock yourself out, Sparky.

The funny thing is, I can and do access the internet with my cell phone, each and every day. And of course I have access at home and could go home for lunch and play on it every day, if I were so inclined. I don't know what they think they are preventing.

So the old "insult her and she'll quit" plan fell flat too. So they thought hmmmmmmmmmmmm.... how can we get her to quit and thus forfeit her God given unemployment benefits??? Oh, I know!!! Let's knit-pick her about any tiny infraction we can possibly drum up. Maybe she'll be late one day or take an extra 2 minutes for lunch! Then we'll get her!

So I was suspended for 3 days for clocking in at 8:09. After a perfect record of being early consistently. So I wrote a little rebuttal on my suspension slip that said I had an unavoidable situation this morning and sometimes tardiness cannot be avoided.

The JACKASS that wrote me up is frequently late himself. I get there before him most days. I also noted that I clocked in at 8:09, because it sounds completely ridiculous that someone would give a 3 day suspension over 1 incident of slight lateness.

So guess what the upside is?

They have 9 patient cases they need coded on Monday so they can get their bills in by Tuesday. Wednesday is the absolute last day to bill for the week. So they will have to hold up the cash flow for the whole facility for an extra week, because this horses ass decided to go fucktard over a 9 minute tardy.

Don't even dream that I will consider coming in or supplying a code. I tore up my coding sheets for the ones I was working on. I'm not going to be available for them if they call. When they are trying to get their Medicaid pre-certifications, they won't have anyone to give the codes. There's no way in Hell I'm taking a call from them.

My boss knows I am grieving a serious loss and he knows I have been a freakin trouper showing up for work when all I wanted to do was lay in bed and cry. So during my darkest days since they've known me, they chose to do something shitty and punitive to me. I think they figured the added stress of losing my pup would cause me to go over the edge and quit.


Didn't work.

Click HERE for a video message from my boss.

I am glad I am getting 3 days off, because I can really use the time off. I'll use the time to network, look for other clients and jobs, set up my return schedule for my new client, and check on how much time it would take me to get another degree. If they wanted to punish me, they should have made me work on Saturday or something. Time off is exactly what I want and need.

The dirty karma that is coming to those folks is going to be an awesome thing to witness.

When the puppet who carries out the asshole's commands told me I was being suspended, I had true happiness on my face, because I really need the 3 days off. And I said so. I also said a few things I didn't really mean to say, because I was planning to not let them see my hand in this way, but I went ahead and said this:

Good, gimme that paper. I could really use a few days off. By the way, I want you to realize that I see what you are doing. I know that the boss wants me to quit so I won't get any unemployment pay. I know you are advertising my job out from under me. I know that you are trying to make me quit and that the boss just couldn't believe I stayed after he stole 1/5th of my salary and then insulted me by taking out my internet access while every other computer in the entire company is still hooked up to the internet. I know that you are looking for bogus things to write me up for, because now that you see I won't just quit, you're having to try to trump something up to fire me for. So if you want to get rid of me so bad, why don't you just lay me off and just let me have the unemployment pay that you are trying so hard to avoid???

(Mind you, this entire time Mr. No-nads won't look me in the eye.)

I then said "When the boss finally gets his wish and you guys hire yourself a nice fresh kid out of school who will work for 12 bucks an hour, you will save a little bit on payroll, but you'll be losing thousands of dollars, hand over fist, on every case, day to day, because rehab coding is a specialized skill and you are going to try to wing it with an inexperienced worker. You are in for a huge financial loss. Even if you hired a GOOD acute coder, you'll still lose money under PPS, because acute coding is a whole different system than rehab coding and you have to know how it works to make the money under PPS, but no one around here will have any idea how much you are actually losing, because I'M THE ONLY ONE IN THE WHOLE COMPANY THAT UNDERSTANDS PPS! You are going to lose so much more than you saved on payroll that it's actually funny. And no one here knows enough about it to stop up the seive that's leaking all your revenue. Enjoy it!!!

The reason they are doing this is because I held out for a certain salary and had the owner over a barrell and when he tried to snatch it back from me, I didn't let him do it and I told him he wasn't very smart. He now hates me with a passion, because I am a female with mind of my own, plus, I don't agree with him that he is better than the rest of us, and that is one thing he just can't abide. He likes for the peasants to be adequately humble and always groveling for their undercut and ever shrinking paychecks.

Apparently he has no idea how much money he's really going to lose, because I can't imagine anyone being stupid enough to kill their golden goose. But that's exactly what he's doing. When I'm gone, so is the gravy train.

That's what kind of day I had. So much for the jerks at work taking it easy on me in my time of grief.

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