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2003-09-25 - 4:48 p.m.


Whoooooo buddy. I have almost .... yep...a whole...0 comments on that there entry.

So, Ix-nay on the estions-quay, you say? No response necessary.

I'm stuck at work for yet another Medical Executive Committee meeting. That makes 2 for this month. These are only required 6 times a year, but we do the heck out of 'em. *sigh*

I'm extra thrilled about this one, because there are YETI DROPPINGS in the hallway outside the conference room. No, there hasn't been another patient "accident", but rather, there are signs that the fraudulent fucks that I used to work for and who are studiously attempting to buy into this hospital, are coming to the meeting tonight. I have to act like they are NOT raging assholes. Hope my acting skills are up to par.

You don't ever want your present boss to realize you have a problem with an old boss. The problem I had with them was that the YETI who was the Director of Nurses over there, was changing my reimbursement codes and committing fraud, and when I came to them for help, they didn't stop her. I ain't trying to risk my license, so I had to move on. And here they are... trying to horn in on the action here.


Unfortunately, I did not win the power ball lottery last night. Me and 386 bazillion other people lost like chumps.

I used to never play the lottery, but my recent utter and total falling out with the corporate world and the rat race in general has caused me to entertain crazy thoughts of a windfall coming my way that would end my need for my career. I'm sick of it, people. For the first time in my working life, I actually want to retire early. But I can't!!! AAARRGGHH!!!

I may have to resort to rich husband hunting. I do not know WHAT I was thinking when I married my ex, but it sho' wasn't for his money.

I'm in no state of mind to be writing a pithy and amusing entry. Instead of "pithy", I'm accomplishing something more akin to "pissy". WRONG VIBE ENTIRELY. I guess I'm just running low on pith today.


Perhaps I can be creative or amusing in some way tomorrow. But don't hold your breath. I have to get happy, because my birthday is coming up and your solar return sets the tone for your year. I need happy stuff.

I'm not totally miserable. I just hate my career now. It takes up 1/3 of my total time, so it's kinda important to find a solution to this problem. But I'm only one third miserable! HA!

Actually, it is invading my dreams somewhat. Last night I had to haggle for my life all night in my dreams and the night before I had a demon calling me on the phone and threatening my life. The demon definitely represents my current boss. Ain't it GRAND????

I kinda do sound bitter, don't I?

The weekend is coming and I promise to be much happier over the weekend, unless my boss lays something heinous on me tonight. Usually when I see him he tells me something nauseating, which ruins my weekend. So far he hasn't gotten me this week. Last time he did that, he told me he was going to hire someone to do the transcription and pay them out of my salary. And the idjit was serious.

I got that one fought down with the help of all the doctors. I need to shut up now. I hope none of my co-workers know about this site!! haha. If they do, I'll be free of my career problem, cause I won't have one anymore.

OK... sorry for the rant...

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