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2003-07-02 - 10:35 p.m.

I just made 2 banners. I customized them from a free banner site, so I hope there is not some kind of rule against taking the easy way out. Aaaanyhoo, I am hoping to see my two banners on here soon. I've discovered some good diaries by clicking banners.

Now I feel a great need to become prolific with my diary entries. I am thinking that people may click on my banner and see only a handful of entries. This is a new diary so there aren't too many yet. I need a guestbook. Yikes!! It's getting late and I have to endure another tough day in the coal mine tomorrow. I need to hit the sack.

Listen Gentle Reader... if you have clicked on a really eyecatching and witty banner and it brought you here, something has gone horribly awry with the link from that other person's cool banner and you've ended up in Teetsville. I invite you to read my last few entries. There are only a handful of them, so it will only take you 6 minutes to GET-TA-KNOW-ME. And there's more where these filthy and depraved rantings came from. Ok, they aren't really filthy and depraved yet, but give me a few days. It could get ugly.

As soon as I can load up a guestbook, I hope to get some filthy and depraved remarks from the readers at large who couldn't resist my hauntingly beautiful banners. Until then, feel free to leave me notes. I think my notes are on... I'm new at this!

Literarily yours from Teetsville...

spring - fall

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