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2006-12-21 - 3:06 p.m.

Season's Greetings!!

I am about to get ready and go forth to buy presents at the speed of light. I have some good ideas and my goal is to get out there and just start buying stuff. So much to do... so little time.

I feel a lot better today. Good things happened yesterday and I feel better. I must admit that a lot of my stress relief came from going into my fun world and forgetting about my problems for a while. I am posting SL pictures today. Live it, love it, embrace it. There's a funny story at the end of this entry. This is my holiday greeting card from Scarlett:

If you see Scarlett, don't say "Ho, Ho, Ho." because she will be offended 3 times. har har

I also want to show Scarlett's man, who has the hottest avatar in SL, bar none. He is beautiful. I am happy with him today, because he was spectacularly fun last night. Here is Scarlett's main... uh only... squeeze:

Beautiful specimen of maleness. That collar means his ass belongs to me. When Scarlett says "kneel", he hits his knees. If he were to remove his collar, it would tell on him. I would get an email from the collar. Can't beat that. He never takes his collar off.

He's so purty. My sister says I love him because I was the kid who fell in love with Speed Racer once upon a time.

Now, my boy and I have alternate avatars that we use when we want to do vampirey things. My vamp girl is a hottie and his vamp boy is a hottie too. We go to vamp clubs and bite each other and all kinds of crazy fun ensues. Here's the happy couple:

Hell and Skye

His name is Hell and mine is Skye, when we are vampires. Here is the hellish one in all his close up glory:

Black hearted, yet fun.

Here's me sitting in front of his throne:

We have to make a good portrait of the two of us here at his throne. I have a throne too. Our thrones are side by side. We have places to chain up our victims. Tee hee.

I just got this blue outfit yesterday:

I love to buy clothes for my avies. It's like playing barbies for grown up girls.

Let me tell you the funny thing that happened to us last night. The game sometimes has an unfortunate hiccup in which the area you are in goes down for a minute. When this happens, the avatars get dumped off someplace else in whatever state of dress or undress they happen to be in at the time.

Last night, Hell and I were.. uh... not dressed.. when our sim suddenly went down. I was unceremoniously dumped, buck ass nekkid, at a dungeon I used to own. Fortunately, I was alone. My boy wasn't so lucky... He got dumped into a crowd of people, stark naked, and it was a ski resort. So it was snowy there and he was all exposed to the elements and a nice crowd of people. His package was way out there for everyone to see. hehehe

We had a good laugh after his initial blue streak of cursing died down. :-)

Too funny.

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