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2004-02-21 - 2:14 p.m.


I am getting crazy hits right now. Look at my visitor counter. Look at how many Bum Lookers are looking at my bum right this second. Cheeky monkeys.

I looked in my stats and I have literally hundreds of hits from one referral source. (1255 today alone, as of right now) And I gotta admit, at first I thought a certain opera singing dink had managed to somehow pull a trick on me or advertise my site in some negative light or something.

But, I followed the link back and apparently my site was chosen by someone who is a regular on some kind of a "website of the day" outfit, and they linked to my entry called "Ya'll Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind" posted on 9/5/03. It was the one where I was all stressed out and went to work wearing a see through blouse and a barney purple bra. I'd forgotten my camisole.

So one of my many moments of humiliation can be read by a very wide audience. Oh well. This is interesting. I wonder how it will end up on the final count for my stats tomorrow. I might still be getting lots of hits by then.

Have a happy Saturday folks. And, if you got here following that link from the cruel site, here's a big Teetsville welcome for you. Stay awhile. And if you really want to see a site that is in keeping with the dark, bitter, and sarcastic side, read my sister myramains cause she's a bitter fuck. (her words, not mine)

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