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2004-02-18 - 4:37 p.m.


The powers that be hired a new Compliance Officer / Performance Improvement lady to be sort of in-between the Administrator and most of the rest of the Department Heads. Um... they made a whole new organizational chart because of this fabulous addition to our staff. Iíd rather report directly to the Administrator like God intended, so I didnít like the new organizational chart very much. So what do you suppose I found out today?

Sheís already gone.


Itís over. She freaked, she BLEW THE MONASTERY.

Sheís outta here.

After one whole exhausting day on the job, she hung it up, permanently. She probably met the owner and saw what she was in for. He probably tried to renegotiate her salary or something. HA!

They didnít do an announcement or call a meeting to tell us that all the crap they laid on us last week is now a thing of the past. Itís something new every day around here. Weíre all a bunch of cave crickets around here. We donít need to know whatís going on. But Iím not bitter at all.


My ass is tired of working. Hey waitÖ thatís the same topic.

Fortunately, weíre sliding towards the wonderful weekend once again. I wish I could have about 2 weeks off to just do whatever I want and not have to think about the hospital. I want to go to the movies, sleep, read stuff, shop, go someplace. A weekend in Hot Springs would be swell.

Whereís my fabulous man who makes enough money to lay out 5 grand a month in child support and alimony and still can afford to take me on vacation two times in one month??? Iím special and delightful. Whereís mine?


::heavy sigh::

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