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2006-06-23 - 10:43 p.m.

I had one of my psychic moments tonight.

I was riding in my sister's truck with her and my niece and nephew. The weather was looking rough and the little one started getting scared because of the lightening, so Myra decided to distract her with a song. She pulled out an Elvis CD, (both kids are Elvis fans) and she was trying to find which track was "Hound Dog" without letting the little one know which song was going to play. It was a surprise. So she was trying to ask the 10 year old which track it was without letting the song title slip and he didn't know which track. I've never seen the CD, but I could see the number 3 in my head like it was a photo. Myra had already passed 3, so I tried to keep my mouth shut about it. She had gotten all the way up to the 11th or 12th track, when I said "Did you try 3?" She flipped a couple more times and then decided to go back to track 3 to just see, and sure enough, "Hound Dog" started.

I have no idea.

Why can't I be psychic about something meaningful, like the Lotto numbers???

It was not like I made a wild guess and just wanted to see if I was right. I visually saw the number 3, in yellow font for Pete's sake, front and center, in my head. I knew it was going to be there. Every now and then I have something like that happen, but never once has it been the lottery numbers.

I also diagnosed a baby with bronchitis tonight out in public, but that wasn't a psychic thing. That was my own sorry experience. There is a difference between a cough and a bronchial spasm. Unfortunately, I know the difference all too well, so when I heard my old familiar wheeze coming out of a baby that was probably not more than 1 year old, I knew the baby had bronchitis. I had to stop and tell the adults with her, because they are in for a hard night tonight. I wanted to make sure they knew she isn't just having a little cough. Turns out, the baby has a history of bronchitis and had been doing fine until earlier this evening, when she started coughing more. I felt like a nosy intruder going up and starting this conversation with these strangers, but I thought they needed to be on stand-by for an emergency room visit or at the very least not much sleep tonight. I hate to be a downer, but they needed to be alerted to the fact that she needed to be monitored tonight. Maybe they will be more inclined to take her to the hospital if it turns ugly during the night.

My neck! My back! My neck AND my back!!! Almost everything on me is sore. ::whine whine whine::: I need a massage. And an adjustment. And some physical therapy.

Here's another random complaint: I set my clock for pm instead of am today, so I woke up right about the time I usually leave for work. Luckily for me, I can go in late without getting any flack, but I like to go early enough that even if there is a lot to do, I can get out early enough to be home on time.

Egads man!! This is Friday!! I didn't even think about planning a chat session. I can't stay up all night tonight. We might have to get up real early tomorrow. I'll bitch about that tomorrow if it happens.


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