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2005-03-31 - 10:56 p.m.

The Pope cannot eat, speak, or do anything anymore. He has a feeding tube. He's 85 and no one has ever recovered from old age. That's a progressive disease that always leads to death if nothing else kills a body first.

Isn't it time to yank that tube?

It's interesting how no one has given up on the pope. Even though he has received last rites.

Feeding tube and all, they are hoping for a recovery and they are not about to "help him" with a couple of weeks of starvation and water deprivation. I guess that is one of the upsides to not having a spouse.

I just got into Shreveport from Baton Rouge and I had to drive through a BODACIOUS storm. My car got power washed by hail and rain. I thought the windshield was going to break. I was also flashing back to that movie "Twister". I was afraid I was about to see a cow flying by. The temperature dropped dramatically in a very short period of time and that makes tornadoes, folks.

I was scared. I seriously thought I might be biting the dust tonight.

The soggy ass, hail pelted dust.

An 18 wheeler rushed past me on a bridge, of all places, and with all the spray and mist behind that truck, I couldn't see the road at all anymore. I could have easily lost control of the car. Scary!!!

The hail was LOUD.

I made an important decision tonight. I decided that next time I am traveling when extraordinarily bad weather is predicted, my ass is staying in the town I'm visiting instead of trying to get home. I was thinking I had to get back to Shreveport so I could do some things at work tomorrow. I should have stayed in Baton Rouge another night.

I went to the outlet mall again. If I hadn't done that, I would have been home before the weather got nasty.


I had a horrible dinner. In my efforts to avoid carbs, I ordered a hamburger patty with cheese and bacon on it. No bread. It was awful. I don't like hamburger meat very much, unless it is slow cooked with a lot of carb filled sauces and stuff.

I left half the patty cause it was nasty. Ate a small salad and a tiny dish of greenbeans, which I'm SICK OF. Greenbeans ain't my favorite in the best of times.

I missed all my Thursday night shows and that's my big TV night. Damn. ER was a rerun. I Tivo'd The Apprentice, but I'll bet I didn't get survivor. I keep forgetting to set that up. Damn again.

Enough bitching?

PS: I don't really think they should kill the pope. I was being facetious.

But I do know this other person who can't feed himself, craps his pants, can't walk or get around, can't do math or lead a career or have any adventures. He's not sexually active and totally depends on other people for his food and hydration. No one has made a move to kill him. His parents INSIST that his useless existance is valuable. I'll check back in with him when he gets over 6 months old and see if he's showing any signs of improvement. If not, the feeding has to stop!

Facetious again.

Lethal injection would have been more humane for Terri. Much quicker. As long as you're killing folks...


If they had just pulled the plug on a totally brain dead cucumber, who had machines breathing for her, beating her heart, and maintaining all homeostasis, I would not have objected. The thing that made it wrong was that they had to actively kill her to end it. She breathed, responded, and managed her own saliva. I wonder what the doctors tell themselves when they are starving and dehydrating a person so they will die? It kind of flies in the face of the whole "Harm none" part of the hypocratic oath. Assisted suicide is illegal when the person is able to say "For God's sake, kill me! Take me out! I'm ready to go!!" but you can decide for someone and starve them to death. That's messed up.

And just for the record... if I ever meet with a bad accident, FEED MY ASS, and get me some damn therapy! OK?

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