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2005-06-01 - 10:18 p.m.

I tried to leave a comment at gerg69's comment page and it didn't work. I'm having trouble leaving comments and making entries. I guess it's more of the never ending D-Land bugs. I can't make a link that works to save my life.

Gerg's entry was about the general lameness of passive hunting. I agree with his take on it. I tried twice to leave the following comment:

I do all my hunting in the restaurants. First, I cleverly order something from the menu. Then I sit there and act natural until the unsuspecting quarry is set before me. I eyeball it for a minute or two, just to intimidate it, and then, without warning, I pounce and victory is mine!

That's how ya do it, folks. The only way to hunt.

I like the fact that Gerg is a Texas guy, but he's not a redneck. He has somehow manage to escape it. Go Gerg.

And now for an abrupt change of topic:

My karmic destiny is about using my creativity to its fullest and I'm not doing it. I guess this means I'll never reach self-actualization until I get my karmic destiny ducks in a row.

That, my friends, was a random thought. A valid and random thought. I'll probably be thinking that one out while I should be sleeping.

I had a dream with a very obvious message a night or two ago. I can't believe I haven't already laid this on you.

You may or may not remember that I used to work with the abominable yeti. She was a dinner troll and a ham demon. An entirely unacceptable douchebag of an unholy bitch. You might say I was not fond of her much.

Anyhoo, I dreamed that I ran into her in public and that we had a chance to chat. She was somewhat humble and subdued (very unusual for her) and she asked me what it was "really" like, working with her. I told her the absolute truth, without cursing. I said that at times she was funny and ok to work with, but for the most part she was very difficult, unfair, and she forced her way through without regard for other professionals' input or concerns. She did things that were not even legal, because she felt she had the right to change the rules arbitrarily. I didn't feel like killing her in the dream and I felt a feeling of forgiveness when I woke up. I think that dream means I am ready to forgive her for being such a hellhound. It has taken me almost 3 years to get over it.

I really hated me some yeti. I almost physically attacked her one day. I knew it was about time to go job hunting. When you catch yourself fantasizing about physical violence against a bitch, find a new job.

I love my current job and most of the nutty characters involved in it. It's highly volatile and I have no job security, but such is life. I'm riding this wave as long as I can! If this job evaporates, blows up, or otherwise ceases to be... I will go back to consulting. I hope it lasts for a long time though. I'm having a great time.

I'm leaving you with this disjointed and unnecessary comment: Bo Bice is very cute,but you know what's not cute? Spoiled hummus. I brought some greek food back to my hotel room and the hummus was bubbly. Not a good feature in hummus. It tasted carbonated and fermented all at the same time.

Bo Bice is nothing at all like spoiled hummus. He's more like the good, non-spoiled hummus.

No chickpeas were harmed in the making of this entry.

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