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2004-04-23 - 2:07 p.m.

I'm home from my travels and it's the weekend!! My weekend starts on Thursdays at 4:30. I love that.

I was planning to get up and write an entry last night. I decided to let Myra do her email first, because something is wrong with her pc. I started watching a documentary about dwarfism and the next thing I knew, it was Friday morning, the TV was off, and Myra was gone to work. I must have been tired. I totally missed the documentary and I slept on top of my covers.

So now it's Friday and the kids are going to my parents house tonight to spend the weekend with them, so who knows what us girls might get up to around here. Poor Myra wants to go to Hot Springs, but I can't squeeze in a trip like Hot Springs when I have to leave on Sunday for a 3-hours-away road trip. We will go there again the very next time we have an opportunity. When my work schedule slows down. Sooner or later it will.

I've got today and tomorrow full of complete freedom, and then on Sunday evening I have to travel. I'll still have part of Sunday to be home. It's almost sad that I have to leave again so soon, but I'm sure this is a temporary phase in my life and I have to get while the getting is good. This is a great chance for me to make good trackable, measurable results at a lot of different hospitals and I can use that in my brochure to get other clients when this project comes to an end.

I'm having an interesting life. Thank goodness for cell phones. I can talk to my friends and family wherever I am. One of these days we are all going to go back to Disneyworld for a big fabulous vacation. We should go this year at Christmas time. Bink and I went in October one year and it was still hot - that late in the year. Sometime in the christmas season would be cool and nice. The big problem with this plan is that Myra is really scared of flying. I hate to fly too, but I will do it on occasion. Driving would take too long, especially with little kids along.

We are child free this whole weekend and we can't go anyplace overnight, like the casino, because Myra has a live remote tomorrow and Bink has hair and nail appointments and has to babysit tomorrow night. We could have gone to Vicksburg to stay over at the casino hotel, eat at their fancy restaurant, and have free gambling, but no. We should have planned this weekend in advance to make sure no one had plans on Saturday. We are not child free very often. Like, almost never. So this is a tragically lost opportunity.

Well, we can at least go out to dinner and enjoy a nice weekend at home. My days at home are precious and few. Abby needs to spend time with me. Speaking of Abby, I need to have her groomed. Maybe I can do that today.

See you cats later.

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