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2004-12-14 - 12:40 a.m.

This has been one of those days in which NOTHING was right. I'm still in a pretty good mood, for a person who has been hassled by fate all day.

First thing, I got to work and found that the state survey team showed up bright and early. That means we are under intense scrutiny until they leave later this week. They may pass us or fail us, depending on what they find. I wonder if I'll have to go home if we fail. But I'm new... so I don't have to worry about being accountable if it's bad news.


Let's skip ahead to lunch time when I checked into the hotel... while the room is basically the same as the last room I had, I sense a few subtle differences. Everything is older. The TVs, the phone in the bathroom, the furniture. Still good, but older. The floor is a little different. There is carpet where the other room has ceramic tile. And the floor plan is backwards, opposite of the other room I had. Worst of all, I can smell cigarette smoke and I am highly allergic to it. This is a non-smoking floor and I can smell smoke. I am just getting over an illness that included lots of bronchial spasms, so I'm not keen on any irritation to my lungs. I put towels down along the crack under the door to keep the smoke from being sucked in here.

But the really big symphony of disasters happened when I attempted to get some dinner at Bennigans. Long story short: It took over an hour to get my food to me. In the process, they burnt a shockingly thin steak to a freakin crisp. It was black. I ordered a MEDIUM well steak. I guess at this particular Bennigan's, medium well means black on the outside and gray on the inside. I sent it back. I hate to do that, because there are those who cannot handle the devastating reality of a returned steak and will spit on it or commit some other hideous attrocity. But I did it anyway, because the black steak was inedible. Then the rolls were SO not-warm. I think they were actually chilled. Not a chance in hell that those puppies were going to melt any butter. My salad was yucky, but I didn't complain, because I had a big salad for lunch and had no intention of eating it anyway. !!THEN!!... I couldn't get a drink refill to save my life, my waitress kept disappearing and I thought I'd never get the check. Finally, she just ran by and dropped the check off, like it was a drive by billing. I waited for an eternity for her to come back and finally spotted her near a register, so I carried my own bill and payment up and asked her to run it.

This was a working dinner for me and I was on the phone with a colleague. My waitress, who was a very sweet kid, came up and kept talking and asking questions with me waving her off and trying to hear my colleague talking. She was trying to give me a coupon to try to lure me back again after all the crap I went through in my quest for dinner.

Then Myra called as soon as I ended the call with the co-worker and she made me do a really embarrassing thing from Spongebob Squarepants that I apparently cannot resist and must perform on cue, like a chimp.

In one episode, Spongebob and Patrick were forced to haunt the undersea with the flying dutchman ghost, so their scary haunting sound is a howl, then an annoying Spongebob bleating noise, then we imitate Patrick's voice saying "Leedle leedle leeeeee". Myra, me, Bink, and both Myra's kids do this thing frequently, around the house and in the car. They called me from Myra's truck to do a little undersea haunting as a family. They missed my expert Leedling. So I haunted the undersea at Bennigan's in front of everyone.


Damn that Myra.

I rambled, willy nilly here. I wonder if this entry will make any sense. Oh well... you'll have to love me for my leedling talent instead of my abiliy to write coherently.

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