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2007-06-15 - 10:55 a.m.


I'm freezing in the middle of June in the deep south. It's cold in my office and I'm eating ice. I've had to go out twice to warm up. As soon as it gets a decent time to be leaving for lunch, I'm outta here.

And if the marketing lady comes in here one more time, I'm leaving whether it's a decent time or not. My door was open all day until about 10 minutes ago and now that my door is closed, she just gots to be up in here. She keeps coming back. This requires me getting up to open the door for her as it locks automatically.

I did not want to get up this morning. Next week, I want to try to go to sleep early evening so I can get up in the wee hours and spend some time in second life before getting ready for work. I need to leave by 7:00 to be here at 8:00 am. I wish I could work from 10 am to 2 pm. Wouldn't that be swell? Going in not too early, staying not too late. Totally missing the traffic times.

I am going home for the weekend to see everyone and do the Father's Day thang. After work today I must try to acquire some furniture. A mattress and an office chair does not a comfy home make.

Next week is going to be boring since computer guy is off all that week.

I have a much nicer office in this facility than I did in the last one I was at. Someone who works here said I need to get some art. I think she needs to bite my ass.

Not that I have anything against art, but I'm a little busy trying to furnish and decorate my home and getting nowhere FAST I might add.

I might do some shopping for my lunch break. I'm going to be sooo worn out on shopping by the time I get everything bought. That's a premium problem to be having though. hehe

OK - must go now. I have to pack up my laptop and sneak on out of here.


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