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2004-10-26 - 2:48 p.m.

Teetsville has been a busy site for the past few days. As a result of Ashlee Simpson's lip-synching debacle, I got a whole lot of hits. This morning I looked at my stats and just from yesterday alone, there were 541 hits from 361 different sources. The overwhelming majority of that came from people googling for info on Miss Milli Vanilli 2004.

I just accidentally made a discovery. The warmest slipper you can ever wear is the "live cat" slipper. My cat wrapped himself around one of my feet while I was sitting here typing and that foot got so warm I had to move it. So if your feet are cold, all you have to do is get two cats to curl up around your feet and you're all set. I hope no one beats me to the patent office. I is a genius.

I have to go to work on Thursday. But I'm making enough money for a week.

::gloat gloat gloat::

Life is good.

Life is good TODAY. Life was boring a couple of days ago, when I was feeling restless. See how I are?

I think I should be doing something very specific right now. Like taking another coding course so I can be a coding consultant for acute facilities in addition to the rehab stuff. I've been given this opportunity to make a lot of money in a short time, thereby opening up all kinds of free time, in which I should be learning more stuff to ply my trade with. I know this.

I'm not going to bitch today, or spend time contemplating my navel, because I am feeling mahvelous. I think I will tend to a more immediate problem, like the startling lack of groceries in the house. I need to go shopping today and buy food. But first, I'll complicate the shopping process by looking through a cookbook and making a list based on some recipes I've never tried before. Yeah!

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