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2006-06-11 - 6:09 p.m.

It's hot in Louisiana.


I was just looking online for some kind of european blinds for my window that will absolutely block all light and heat. My room is on a corner of the house that gets direct sunlight. In the summer time, my room is the hottest room in the house. Oh Goodie! I must find a solution.

I really hate the summers here.

I watched "Trainspotting" today. There's an hour and a half of my life I'll never get back. How utterly depressing. I should have my cable cut off. I can't do that though, because "Huff" is still running on Showtime and when the last 8 episodes of Sopranos comes on, I'll be right here in front of the tube just like the rest of the sheep. Wonder what they will come up with next to keep me watching a channel I have to pay extra for.

Yesterday I went to a brand new "Ashley" furniture gallery. It's huge. Vast even. I drew a couple of conclusions from this experience.

1. All my shit has got to go.

2. My house is grossly under-decorated.

I also find myself wondering just how on earth other people decide what to buy. There is so much to choose from and when buying furniture, it is expensive enough that you sort of need to be prepared to live with your decision.

Why do they make furniture so huge now? They are building houses as small as possible and building gargantuan furniture to cram into these miniature homes. What is up with that?

I need to design my own house. I don't need a mansion. I just need a house that each room in it has enough space and the place needs adequate closet space and high enough ceilings.

Is that so wrong?

I'm tired and sort of bitchy today. I hope I snap out of it. I am annoying myself. I didn't make my bed today and I usually do. It's on my nerves, and yet, I have no energy.

I am lucky, because my sister, myramains who wrote a really funny entry that should be read as soon as you finish this paragraph, is grilling hamburgers, even as I type this. I am not having to do anything for this good food I am about to receive. I am happy about it. I might feel better after I eat.

She just said the burgers are ready.


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