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2005-02-15 - 8:58 p.m.

I knew I was wrong for getting a cheeseburger on my way home.

I knew I was wrong.

I couldn't get away on time from work because a meeting ran late and I was hungry with an hour and a half drive ahead of me, so I caved and got the cheeseburger and the greasy onion rings too... and let's not forget about the sugar loaded coke. Y'know, that sugary drink that I've recently sworn off of.

So I'm driving down the road and about a third of the way through my cheeseburger, I found a femur. That's right, an entire femur, right there in the middle of my burger.

Finding bone chips and things that don't chew up makes me reach the end of my dinner time before the food is gone. I just can't finish after I've hit something "buh-skusting" as Wibby would say.

So I'm kinda hungry now. I guess I am glad I didn't finish the bazillion fat calorie burger.

I wish they would DE-BONE THE COWS before they make hamburger meat out of it.


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