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2004-05-03 - 7:58 p.m.

I had a good day today. I wore my bitch hat well. The Nervous Nellie I wrote about yesterday was easier to handle today. I told her that I need her to pull all the charts I'll be reviewing. She gave me a horrified look and told me she was way too busy to go pull charts and she tried to show me her crazy ass system of how to find the charts my damn self. I had a lot of trouble trying to pull those charts myself last week, so I said "Bitch! Waddle that wide load down to the chart room and fetch my charts before I put my foot in yo' ass."

OK, that's not the exact words I used, but the sentiment was the same. I said "I need you to pull the charts. I am the consultant. The consultant doesn't retrieve charts. The medical records personnel does. I wasted enough time trying to find charts last week. I don't understand your system, there is no rhyme or reason back there and the charts are not in any particular order, therefore, I need you to find them for me."

She tried once again to say she didn't have time, and I said "Well, work it out. Get a helper. I don't care who does it, as long as it's not me."

She gave me the "Sheesh, whatta grouch!" look and scurried off. Things went swimmingly after that point. I found lots-o-money that had been lost through bad coding, wrong impairment categories, and FIM score mistakes. Days like today make me love my work.

I spent a lot of my energy dreading today and it turned out very well. I have 2 more big stacks of charts to audit tomorrow and all the billing to do. Wednesday and Thursday will be my days for taming the shrew, I mean, training the coder.

I'll have to type up a report detailing my findings and what we were able to recover and what training I provided, and then I wrap up another week on the road and move on to the next place. I'm looking forward to the next town.

Today, my sister, myramains told me something sooooooo funny, that I had to pull over and laugh. I was driving around, trying to find a house we lived in a long time ago and she remembers more about this town than I do, so I called her from my cell phone. She was busy typing up this email for someone and she read it to me. I laughed so hard, it hurt. Seriously. So I told her she should copy and paste that to her diary so everyone could have a laugh. It is hilarious to read, but her delivery is priceless. You'd have to know her smart-ass voice to fully appreciate the humor. But do go to the link above and read the funny. That actually happened to her today.

And you know what? It is a perfect example of the sort of things that happen to her all the time. I don't know how that has become her reality, but the most ridiculous things happen to her.

Go seeeeeeeee!

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