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2005-03-03 - 5:54 p.m.

I just wasn't feeling the work vibe today. The weather is fantastic, spring has sprung, I was antsy... I needed to go outside and play. But it didn't happen for me. I did leave right on time from work today. I have a tendency to stay late. Actually, I had to sneak out a few minutes early to avoid a guy at work that I shall refer to as "Silky Chocolate".

Silky Chocolate apparently likes me and keeps coming around to my office at almost time to leave so he can chat me up and ask me questions like: "Do you get bored at that hotel all by yourself at night?" and "Are you married?" and comments like: "One of these days you'll find Mr. Right." Today he came by to see if I was there and as luck would have it, he got called away for a minute. I took off because I felt an extreme compulsion to bolt in that moment of opportunity. Silky chocolate is a very nice guy, but it soooo ain't happening.

Damn. This laptop just scared the peanuts out of me. It made a really loud clangedy bell noise. So very unnecessary.

This is Thursday and that means 2 things. Room service, and TV night. I ditched my dinner buddies last night because I felt tired and hungry and did not want to wait until 7 pm to have dinner. Then I regretted it because I had crappy chinese food for dinner and they went someplace really good. Oh well. I blew it. But tonight, it's room service and Survivor and The Apprentice. I have to go order my food so it gets here before time for Survivor.

This was a boring entry. Cause I'm dumber than a mouse.

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