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2005-05-23 - 8:50 p.m.

It cost me $283.50 to have my air conditioning fixed. I've had to call the AC man many times in the past and guess what??? Never, ever, has it occurred on a weekday when the price is normal. It ALWAYS happens after hours or on the weekend. They charge extra for that. I would rather have cool air than food, water, cable, or anything else, so I pay it. Waiting until Monday is NOT an option.

That AC fiasco happened on Friday evening. Saturday morning I had a new surprise. Venture to guess? No water pressure and one leaky faucet. Yeah, that was a spiffy turn of events. Care to guess how I realized there was no water pressure? Toilet wouldn't flush.


Fun times.

I thought I was going to have to call a plumber, but fortunately, it was just the water company working on the lines or something. Crisis averted. When the pressure came back, the leaky faucet stopped leaking. I felt so much better after that.

Sunday went fairly uneventfully as far as everything I own crapping out on me all at once goes... but then freakin Monday came and brought with it another scary problem that eventually seems to have gotten all better.

I was clipping down the interstate at nearly 80 MPH when a light I've never seen started flashing on the dash. It was an exclaimation point. It is rather disconcerting to see an exclaimation point flashing on the dash while driving fast. I thought I was about to throw a rod... whatever that means... or maybe the car would explode... or come totally apart until I skidded to a stop in the median, still clutching the steering wheel, but no longer inside a car.

So I called the dealership to ask them what that particular light means. Long story short: They said it was a sensor letting me know one of my tires was low. This did not ring true, but I went to a gas station and had the tires aired up anyway. Drove for another entire hour with the light still flashing. It's not flashing anymore, so maybe that really was it. Maybe I should trade cars.

What money I have is already hypothetically spent, many times over, in house repairs and random things I owe. I don't need anything new coming along to suck up my money. Maybe I should go down to the casino and win my millions so I can stop thinking about unpleasantries like saving money and paying bills. If I won a million bucks tonight, I wouldn't even miss work tomorrow, because the inspectors rolled in to my workplace today and I wouldn't want to abandon my people in a situation like that. The head inspector is a friend of mine and she likes me a lot. I hope she still does after this inspection is over. haha.

I have a very comfy room and I'm getting sleepy. Yikes!! I'm missing "Medium". I watch a lot more TV since I started living in this hotel.

Gotta go!!

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