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2003-08-26 - 5:38 p.m.


Waaaaaay down south where I live, it gets HOT. Satan lives in Hell and rents out his Lousiana property.


It will stay hot like this until about mid October, when it will suddenly change. Every year in October I get a big energy boost when the weather changes and it is my happiest time of the year. I love to see pumpkins, autumn leaves, and all things autumnal. I love to light the spicy smelling candles and cook the wintery foods.

OK - Prepare for an abrupt change of subject:


I have a work-place scandal to share. The police showed up at the hospital today because there were reports of a patient of ours bouncing checks all over town. Only, this particular patient is incapacitated and unable to go shopping. Someone stole her check book from her things in her hospital room and went on a spree.

The cops already have the culprit, and when they busted her, they found credit cards and checks from 5 of our other patients!!

This is a case of a criminal falling through the cracks at work. Evidently the criminal background check didn't reveal this woman's shady past. In fact, we have reason to believe now that this woman has stolen someone elses ID and is not even the person she claims to be. Her social security number does not jive with her name, and none of it jives with the license she submitted to our HR department when she was hired.

This person was on our prn list, which means they are only called in "as needed". She worked one shift and rifled through as many of the patient's belongings as she could. We are pressing some big time charges on her thieving ass. It's not only our patients she's messing with, but our reputation as a hospital. She's in a whole heap of trouble. hehe. And so well deserved!

This was actually my second experience with the cops in 3 days time. Hmmmm... must be something astrological going on.

Anyway... long story short: Saturday night, I was in my bed for the night, talking on the phone, when someone with absolutely no gauge on appropriateness decided to break in and scare me and Bink. He went to a lot of trouble to make sure we thought he was asleep at his house. He drove someone elses truck so we wouldn't recognize it, and he walked around outside my house in the dark, tapping on windows and stuff. Let my dog out of the yard...The coup d' gras was when he actually entered the house and didn't identify himself.

So I called the cops. I decided that if it was a prankster (as I suspected) then they could have the joy of explaining to the fine Ociffer 'zactly why he thunk that would be a good idear.

The ociffer was not very amused. Not so much an understanding guy. Didn't appreciate the humor of breaking into the home of a woman who didn't invite a guy over.

The bad thing in all this is, what if one day someone really does break in, meaning to do me some harm, and I hesitate to act, because I think it's Pranky Prankster?

Am I crazy, or was this highly inappropriate?

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