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2007-09-11 - 1:28 p.m.

I'm a lazy slacker.

I have to do a few things getting ready for YET ANOTHER staff meeting. Geez. It seems like we have one every time we turn around. The requirement is to have one every other month, but noooooooooooooooooo. We had 2 in July, 1 in Augst and we're already having another one, a scant 3 weeks from the last one. Guess who sets the agenda, orders the food, invites to doctors, takes the notes, types the minutes, and does copious revisions as the powers that be remember scads of new info that simply MUST go in??

Yeah, me.

But I feel happy today. I want to just blow off work though. By about 2 pm, I am just miserable to go. I think that is because we are incredibly slow right now and that generates boredom whereas panic and hectic pace rips through the time and makes work move along a lot faster.

This weekend I am going to the old homestead in Louisiana for my little niece's birthday. ACK!! I have to go shopping. I have special instructions for a certain present she wants. Must go soon. I'll be seeing the fam. Those people I like no matter how stinky they really are.

Speaking of stinky... I listen to 94.5 the buzz, my favorite radio station.. and today they were talking about the new celbrity fat club, or whatever that weight losing show is... and the sports dude said he didn't care about that show at all. So the morning show guy said to the (skinny) sports guy this funny comment: "Of course you are not interested in the show. Your butt isn't big enough to STINK. You have no use for a weight loss show."

Struck me as funny.

I found out today that my college alma mater got the worst "sexual health report card" and is considered the least sexually responsible college in the whole damn list of 139 colleges. What a proud honor. I almost called in to the radio station to confess that I went to the most sexually irresponsible college on the list, but decided not to put myself up for ridicule so early in the morning.

Did we all see Britney pop pop pop that thang on the VMA's? And when I say "Thang", I'm talking about her big, wide, baby producing gut. She could have worn something more slimming than that boxy bikini she had on. I mean, the girl looks better than most mommies of two, but you don't get up on national TV in a bikini and "pop it" if you can hide a roll of nickles in your navel. Ok? That's all I'm saying.

She could have worn something really sexy that would have concealed her not so good stuff and everyone would have been oblivious to anything outside of her embarrassingly weak performance.

Wow. It was a total wash.

It's time for a break, Brit. Take about 845 mental health days and get it all back. Then go on a show and make a comeback. Or don't. You deserve a break girl.. go.. be free...

Yeah, I feel sorry for her too. I am tired of watching her career die like a roach on the bathroom floor. It's missing a leg... it's antennae are all akimbo... but it's still slightly kicking with that one leg on the back left. Painful and well, yucky to watch.

Flush it already.

Today's word:

Schadenfreude - Satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else's misfortune.

spring - fall

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