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2005-08-28 - 10:30 p.m.

Poor Gerg. (http://gerg69.diaryland.com)

He had some lovely plans made for a weekend in New Orleans and now we are all wondering if New Orleans will still be there after tomorrow. I did hear a weather report that said the eye of the storm may miss New Orleans, but there will still be very high winds and other hurricaney goings-on.

I was supposed to go down south next week for work, but it ain't happening with the current situation. Our local civic center is full of New Orleans residents who came up to escape the storm. Highway 10 was a nightmare today with the mass exodus coming out of south Louisiana. I hope it doesn't tear things up too bad. Myra and I had made some plans for a trip to New Orleans in October. We're going to go down and catch the ghost tours and vampire tour. Maybe the graveyard tours too.

I have a funny Wibby story:

A couple of nights ago, Myra gave soon to be 4 year old Libby a kid dinner that had these edible happy faces that were potato cut-outs or something. They were like fries, but not quite right. So later, Libby asked me if I would make her some macaroni and cheese. I said "You didn't eat your dinner". And she answered "but I don't like buhtatoe faces. They are too yucky for my mouf."

I don't blame her. They were too yucky for my mouf too.

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