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2004-08-02 - 6:11 p.m.

He'd shit as much bull as a bullshit could if a bullshit could shit bull.

I think that's a famous nursery rhyme or something...

I just heard a bullshit story on the local news that would serve as a good example of how the public is not always told the truth by the media they depend upon.


The local news just did a flowery story about how they have banned smoking at the jail. They talked about it saving tax payers' money, less healthcare costs for sick inmates, less upkeep to the jail, less repainting, etc. That's all well and good... then came the unmitigated bullshit: They said the inmates were happy about it.


That's what I'm screaming.

They said the inmates were glad that smoking was banned and that some had come to thank the prison staff for banning smoking.


Those inmates are PISSED!! You know they are extremely P.O.'d that one of their very few remaining freedoms is being taken. Also, smokers who have not decided for themselves to quit are generally very resentful about having limitations placed on their ability to smoke. I don't believe for one second that the inmates all got together and decided that they are happy the tax payers will have a lesser burden now and that the satisfaction of that knowledge is a nice trade for their Marlboro Reds.

What a crock of shit.

You'd think the people who deliver the news would have some sort of a bullshit-o-meter to help them keep their news stories a little more believable and credible, but apparently they do not.


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