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2003-09-03 - 5:42 p.m.



What a fiasco I've been through. In order to camoflage the identity of the guilty as all Hell, let's return to the old stand-by, the "hypothetical situation", shall we?

Let's say you were being harassed by a big mean bully. This ugly fucker has caused you to be sick inside since the last time he confronted you..... oh... maybe... last Thursday, for a purely hypothetical time reference.

And let's say this kid is rich and spoiled and very used to having his own way. And let's also say this kid is completely and totally in the wrong and out of line, but since he is in charge of the playground, and all the toys belong to him, you have been powerless against him.

Until today.

Purely hypothetically speaking, let's say this bully is somehow governed by a group of other kids who are just as important on the playground as he is. The playground can't even remain in business without these other kids. So the bully is somewhat at their mercy.

Hypothetically, these kids found out what the bully was trying to do to you and decided to step in on your behalf. These other kids were appalled that you have been treated this way and they unanimously come together to defend you in a very heartwarming way.

Wouldntcha just feel happy?????

I do.

But I'm not out of the woods yet. The bully is a fit thrower and probably a bed wetter. And, his mother dresses him funny. He is not used to being told he's wrong. He could still take his marbles and go home. He is not known for having great common sense and has been known to cut his own nose off to spite his face.

But it feels good to know that so many other people see my value and know that he is wrong.

It's a freakin miracle I haven't gone postal yet.

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