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2005-09-30 - 8:44 p.m.

There are several random facts and tidbits weighing down on my overtaxed mind right now and I must share. Let the randomness begin:

Today I was driving home and "Machine Head" by Bush came on the radio. Did you ever notice that it sounds like Gavin is saying "Mushy head"? Well, it does sound like that.

Random fact #2: At our favorite chinese restaurant in our town, there is a chinese waitress who has, until recently, had a hard time with the English language. Either her English is getting better, or we have learned her unique way of speaking, because we can understand her better these days. One of the funniest mistakes she makes is on the word "Crablegs" She pronounces it "crah-nogs". Funny funny. Say that out loud to yourself. It sounds ridiculous!

Useful tidbit: When you are trying to go to Google, don't go to www.goggle.com. That's no good.

Warcrygirl, you must check out the band "Crossfade" they are good and you will like them. Two songs: "Cold" and "Colors". Both very good. Go here: http://www.crossfadeonline.com and see for yourself. Some of their music loops on the site and there are links for the videos and stuff. They are mahvelous dahling. I was obsessed with "Cold" but now I am obsessed with "Colors". There's a fast and a slow version of "cold", both are good. Live or radio cut... matters not...all good. I could have gone to see these guys in Shreveport at a smallish venue and it would have been so great, but I was stupid way back then... I think it was August. ::heavy sigh of missed opportunity:: Go listen to "Colors". I'll wait.

See? It's a great song, isn't it?

Upward and onward with the randomness:

My mom is giving me money for my birthday which is tomorrow, October 1. She has requested that I actually buy something fun or luxurious or just something I wouldn't ordinarily buy for myself. I'm thinking of getting an ipod. I'm pretty much decided on it as a matter of fact. I need it to keep me happy while I'm exercising on the dreaded torture device called "treadmill".

Today I brought in a book to read while I was exercising. It really made the time pass by quickly. I take my Nike's to work with me now and it's a lot easier than treadmilling barefooted. I'm trying to grow some skin back on the bottoms of my feet from Wednesday's ill-advised sole scrubbing journey of fitness.

Fascinating random tidbit:

There is a lot of cloak & dagger, secret squirrel shit going on at my workplace. This is fascinating to me. I'm getting the scoop from all directions and it is very interesting to be at my vantage point, seeing what all of these high powered businessmen are plotting on each other. Each of them has a secret agenda. The whole thing may blow up at any moment. I know where my loyalties are. I hope this particular businessman comes out on top so I'll still have a paycheck.

I am amazed at my ability to function with no sense of security. I've been shaken too many times. Everything I thought I had to hold onto has been snatched away from me. I'm flying without a net and I am ok without security right now. It may be trauma induced bravery, but whatever, I'm brave.

I got word today that there is a new client expressing interest in my services. I may have to add a new hospital into the loop. This one is down south too. It might be wise to cultivate a few clients, cause you never know what horror may be around the corner.

ACK! I just had a harrowing experience. I noticed something on my bed, in my peripheral vision, and it turned out to be a cricket!! I fear and dread crickets, because of a bad crickety experience that scarred me for life, so this was a bad discovery just now. I had to catch this cricket in a glass and put an envelope over the glass to keep it from jumping on me. I don't handle it well when I get jumped on by a cricket.

Here is an entry detailing the tragic event that caused my crickaphobia:


The current cricket crisis has been neutralized. I flung Jiminy out the backdoor. I hope that was a lone cricket and not a cricket company picnic or something.

Speaking of crickets... one time a sweet guy called me at work and as we were talking, I discovered a spider web complete with 2 completely hulled out, dried up cricket shells, under my desk. I was freaking out, because I hate crickets and I'm not so thrilled about the murderous spider feeding right there by my legs. So I had just described how the cricket had been totally eaten from it's shell, and my guy calmly says "Sucks to be a cricket."

So now, when something really sucks for someone, we still say "Sucks to be a cricket". Occasionally this phrase is followed by a "Chirp chirp".

Myramains took her ankle biters to the fair tonight. It's "Wallet-rape night" at the fair. You don't get the bargain price, or the unlimited rides bracelet, you just pay, pay, and pay some more. Everyone is out there tonight and the lines are miles long. I'm at home, feeling fortunate.

Sucks to be a fair wandering cricket.

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