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2005-03-27 - 11:57 p.m.


I've finally done it. I wrote a little funny something about some people without a thought about the ACTUAL PEOPLE looking it up and seeing what I said about them.


The "Finck Family" saw my entry where I mentioned that we were not allowed to call people finks or ratfinks at our house. I also said their kids were a bunch of finks. Which technically, they are.

Adorable, precious children, about whom I *may* have used the word "rotten" in a descriptive manner.

But you do realize, Gentle Reader, that the rotten tendencies were dealt with by the nanny, so the true inner beauty of each child could shine through. Rotten no longer, this family's story on Nanny 911 was actually pretty impressive.

I can't believe they saw my entry and commented. That's how I realized they saw it. I found a comment from Paul Finck... the dad.

So, I'm sorry Paul, for being a Fink.

I need to be stopped.

The children are very adorable and the family is great. They just needed a little help. And it was touching how attached everyone got to the nanny.

Please go see their website. It is www.fincktwins.com. There is a cute picture of all the kids and there is a whole website of stuff about them. I must have joined the show late, because I didn't realize that all these kids were twins. I knew the oldest ones were twins. There are three sets in the family. I did wonder why they kept having so many kids...

So next time I decide to say something potentially embarrassing in my blog, I think I'll change the names to protect the innocent (and the finks).


You know... it could be worse. I once knew a family with the last name "Doody". EVERY time I saw them, I said "Howdy, Doodies". It never got old for me. But I'll bet it did for them.

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