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2004-05-10 - 10:01 p.m.

Just a little while ago, I was almost the victim of some cajun lovin'. The offer still stands, I'm sure.

I just got hit on attrociously while trying to check into my hotel.


I was at the desk and this very colorful cajun character came around the corner and just stopped in his tracks. He said "mmm mmm mmm, what have we here?" Then he looked me over like I was a plate of cookies and pointed at my sandals saying "ooooh... and pretty feet, too... And no wedding ring." He said "This is my lucky day." (Not quite as lucky as he thought.) He told me he will be here for 3 days and that he is performing in the lounge all week. He said "Come in there and see me, and I will sing you any song you want to hear." Then he asked me if he could buy me dinner and I laughed, because he was coming on awful strong with all this, so he said "I am not joking. I am very serious. I would like to get to know you."



I didn't want to say "Hell no", or something, so I just said "Nice to meet you" and he said "Well. Just come to the lounge and see me. Maybe we can go from there."

Nice fellow... but who in the world takes a guy up on something like that? He had a thick pony tail that went all the way to his belt. I've been known to like that sort of thing.

So I guess the people in this community are quite friendly.

My hotel is very nice. It's downright swanky as a matter of fact. I snapped a couple of pictures and I might post them on here later. I'll come back and stick them into this entry if they come out ok. I like a comfy hotel.

These pictures don't do it justice, but hey... it adds something to look at. All hotels on this price level are very similar, but this one is very solid and the decor is very nice, the room is big, the extras are good. It has everything I could need and I'm happy to report that the cable is good so my TV watching will be great. This hotel is only a few bucks more a night than the cheapest one I could find on Travelocity for this area and these dates.

I like this long piece of furniture that holds the TV. It's like an antique dresser with drawers on each side and a desk area in the middle. It has a marble top. All the tables are marble top. Love that. This hotel has a massage spa downstairs! I'm scared to leave my room though, for fear of the cajun love tackle that could come at me unexpectedly. I might have to risk it to get some spa treatment. Hey! I'll bet Boudreaux the lounge singer would give me a free massage...

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