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2003-10-19 - 10:54 a.m.


And do you know what is really reeeeeally scary? Cleaning out the trunk of my car. That is what I will be doing today... so hold me up in your prayers. There is no telling what will be found lurking beneath a trunk-load of who knows what.

The car accumulates a lot of stuff. And in order to prevent the passenger area of the car from looking a mess, I sometimes gather up what's accumulated and stash it in the trunk. After which, it is never seen or heard from again. I've got about 13 umbrellas in there, a melted candle, a box full of papers from my last job, a few McDonalds bags, some motor oil and a funnel, a llama...


I am in a tell-it-all kind of mood, so I'll let this go and then regret it later.

First embarassing fact: At one time, I had a mouse invasion in my pantry. My cat tipped me off to the fact we had intruders. He's a good mouser, even with no claws. So, I promptly had a nightmare about the house being overtaken by rodents, and decided something had to be done.

Primary obstacle to mouse obliteration: I think mice are cute.

Adorable even... And I can't kill them. I had to find another way.

Solution: Sticky traps.

So I placed the sticky traps and I caught one. I felt very sorry for the little guy and I had to set him free, so I took the whole sticky trap, a bottle of oil, and butter knife, and a donut out to a "location" for mouse freeing.

Second embarassing fact: The "location" was out behind Tinseltown, the big movie theater.

You have to take them far from your house or they'll find their way home. I put oil on his tiny feet, and that causes the sticky stuff to let go. The mouse scurried off and stopped about 8 feet away from me to look back and wave his thanks for the freedom. I tossed the donut to him and went on my way.

Since there was more than 1 mouse, I had to repeat this process a few times. One of the times, I caught this rather hardy mouse on a sticky trap, and she was a fighter. I was about to leave for work when I found her, so I didn't have time to deal with her but I couldn't leave her on this glue all day, so I put her trap in an open box, and placed her on the back seat of my car, with the plan of stopping somewhere and setting her free on the way to work.

My "mouse-compassionate male companion" was accompanying me on this trip, because he was on contract at my hospital to set up a computer network for them and was riding to work with me.

We decided upon the location of mouse-freeing and when we got there, I looked back and the trap was empty!!!! The little varmint had gotten herself free!!!!! And she was IN MY CARRRRR!!

I was VERY upset about it, but there was nothing to be done right then. I had to go in to work and I couldn't let anyone know I had a mouse in my car. How embarassing.

So, after work, we tried and tried to locate the mouse. To no avail. That sucker was hidden very well. I started to think maybe she bailed during the work day.

No such luck.

For the next couple of months, we found evidence of "car mouse". That was her name. I told Myra Mains about "car mouse" and she laughed herself silly, wheezing and carrying on shamelessly. No compassion I tell you, just crazy laughter.

We tried many times to find the mouse, we put more sticky traps in the car, and that little rascal avoided them skillfully. Meanwhile, I was guarding this secret from EVERYONE, but especially from my mother, who would just faint if she heard I had vermin in my my house AND car.

Car mouse was tearing little bits of foam out of the seats and leaving them on the floor board, and she got in the dash and tore bits of foam out of that, too. Every now and then I would open the car to get in, and see her scurry and hide. It was hard to make myself get in that car with a live mouse and drive. I was seriously worried about her running over my foot and making me wreck at some point. I seriously considered selling my car.

Then, one day, the struggle was won. I had placed a sticky trap right by the place where the most foam was found, which signified that she had been making herself a nest under the seat in the back, and one cold morning, I found her on the trap, with X's on her eyes. I was actually kinda sad for car mouse.

I'm proud to report that there has been no further evidence of rodent life in my car. This has been a sad and embarassing chapter in my life. My pantry is also free of the furry little varmints.

So cute, so wily, so hard to get rid of.

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