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2004-01-11 - 6:47 p.m.


Losing like chumps. It was Me, Myra, and some toothless redneck who seemed to think he was with us for awhile. There we stood... all stupid and hopeful, losing like the chumps we are.



I make a lousy gambler, because it pisses me off to lose my money.

We had a good time though, until that last bit. We went with a bunch of people from the station and they fed us a great dinner at a very nice restaurant and then gave us 40 bucks each to gamble with. That was just swell.

We blew through our free gambles and then used our own money LIKE IDIOTS.


But here's the deal. I can just pretend like I had a fun evening of a fancy dinner and some entertainment and it cost me a small fortune, as fancy dinners and entertainment tends to do.

Shake it off. That's what I'm gonna do. Right now. phbbblllthththt

Upwards and onwards then...

Did you know there is a grand trine in the heavens even as I type this? This is a favorable aspect. It's been there for days and I'm not sure how long it will last. Bitch didn't help me none at the casino, unless you consider that since I didn't win I won't go back and lose 10 grand trying to win again.

So I kinda won.

In that respect.


It's back to the old grind tomorrow. I am so tired of working for someone else. I might get my freedom wish sooner than I want it though, because they have a hatchet woman there, figuring out who all they can cut from the payroll. If they cut me, they will lose a whole lot of money.

I would think they would know this, because they lost 18K on 4 patient cases, randomly selected and audited by their own trusted friend, and this was the reason they hired me. My specialty is finding the money and getting them paid. I've gotten them many times over my salary every month I've worked there and still, it's in their collective craw that I negotiated a certain salary to come to work for them.

Cheap bastards!!!

I desperately want to work for myself and just never agree to take another 9 to 5 job again. I hate the shit that goes along with a regular job.

I'm an Entrepreneur, dammit!

Are you a rehab hospital? Have you lost a bazillion dollars over the past year because you hired a moron to do your coding and because you were too cheap to send your billing and coding people to a few PPS seminars?? Are you a cheap bastard who has been operating your hospital on the "fly by the seat of your pants" method, or the "who needs a stinking seminar" method? If you answered yes to any of that, you, my friend, are in desperate need of my services!! I will root up your medical records and billing departments and find every last penny your uninspired, mentally challenged, and uneducated staff missed. You, yes you, can get paid!

I have to make me some brochures. WHO could say NO to a sales pitch like that???

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