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2004-04-24 - 9:53 a.m.

Last time we went to Hot Springs for a spa weekend, Myra and I discovered chai spice black tea. In the waiting area at the spa, they had a little tea and coffee area where the customers can help themselves to whatever they'd like to drink. There was a nice wooden box, similar to the cases people store fine silverware in and the box was full of individually wrapped tea bags. I like any kind of spice tea. We tried the chai spice and it was so good, we took a couple of bags for later and before we left the spa, we ended up asking if we could have some tea bags to take home and the spa ladies said yes, so we came home with a little stash of chai tea. Coincidentally enough, that is the brand name. "Stash Tea".

We came home and Myra sucked up most of the tea, plus all my Earl Grey that I had. It takes me a long time to go through 30 tea bags, but Myra will drill it every day till it's gone. So I've been looking for some chai spice tea to buy. I've been to coffee shops, grocery stores, Walmart, etc. Could not find any Chai Spice. I discovered 1 little tea bag, still in its foil pouch, which I had fortunately left in my suitcase.

Naturally, I taunted Myra with it for awhile, and I kept that foil wrapper so I could smell that great chai spice smell every now and then. We figured we could stock up again next time we go to Hot Springs.

Well yesterday, I was smelling my beloved foil pouch when I decided to look on it for a website.


There's a website!! A great, fabulous, full-o-stuff website. You can order as much wonderful Chai Spice tea as you can afford. Along with every other flavor of black tea, green tea, herbal tea you can imagine. Something about that website makes me just want to order everything. They also have tea pots and tea cups. It's just swell.

You can go to www.stashtea.com and look under the catalog link, click on the "Tea-black" link to find the "Tea bags" link and this takes you to all the beautiful little colorful packets of many different kinds of tea. Earl Grey is great, and so is Chai Spice. They're all good, but I like spicy aromatic things, so those two are my favorites. You can even get the pretty wooden box full of tea bags like they have at the spa.

I'm tempted to buy the wooden box. The box with an assortment of 80 tea bags is $39.95. You can get a box of 30 bags for 4.95. I'm excited. I ordered 20 bucks worth of tea. I prefer black tea to herbal and I don't like green tea at all. I wonder how much money Stash Tea pulls in every month from that website. I wish I had one more little chai tea bag around here somewhere. Or some Earl Grey. I do have some great coffee, so I guess I'll have some of that.

Last night we went out to dinner and while we were gone, Abby took a big bag of gummy bears out of my suitcase, chewed it open, and ate about half of what was in there. She barfed. It was sticky and fruity. Sprinkled with bits of gummy bears. She was a bad girl.

I was going to take her to be shaved down today, but I slept in and by the time I got up there wasn't enough time. I slept till 9:00 this morning. I didn't want to get up. The groomer expects the dogs to be brought in before 10 am. Oh well, maybe next week.

I'm going shopping today. But first, some coffee...

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