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2004-02-25 - 5:51 p.m.

The jury is still out.

Something has happened at my job which *might* prove to be the thing that finally brings about the end of my employment there, or the thing that makes it bearable. It all depends on that insufferable ass-munch that owns the place.

Here's the scoop, the skinny, the low-down: Asswipe (pronounced oz-wee-pay) wants to hire a transcriptionist at my request, and take the cost of it from my salary, not at my request. He thinks I should be able to do the full time job of typing every medical document generated by a small hospital in addition to my 3 other jobs within the facility for one price. He let 2 women go and dropped one down to part time when he hired me, thinking that since I am wonder woman, I can magically do the work of 4 people by myself.

This is not happening, because it is not possible. Therefore, I've been under an extreme load of stress, trying to meet his expectations. Finally I reached critical mass and told the administrator to get a typist, even if I have to lose some money.

We are indeed hiring a typist. This alone will take a HUGE weight off my shoulders. I'll actually have time to do my other work now.

The administrator talked to me today to make sure I understand that the owner plans to pay for this out of my salary. So I told him that if the pay reduction puts me down to less than what I deserve for the 3 remaining jobs I'm doing, I will not agree to it and will quit if it comes down to it. I refuse to work for an unfair salary. We decided that *maybe* it can be negotiated.

So on the way home, the solution hit me like divine inspiration. If he wants to cut my pay to the extent I am expecting, it amounts to 1/5 th of my salary, which is essentially one day a week. So I plan to offer him this deal: I'll be the Medical Records Director, the PPS coordinator, and the Privacy Officer for the salary he is offering, provided that he allows me to work 32 hours a week instead of 40.

This way, he will get his way financially, and he will have all the work done for his price, and his only concession is that I work 4 days a week instead of 5. My assistant can hold down the fort on the fifth day of the week.

If he agrees, I will choose Wednesdays off so I have a break in the middle of the week. I'd rather have the short work week and less money, because my ass is burnt out.

I hope this works!!! If he says no, and still expects to cut my pay, I will offer to return to my contract basis where he paid me a couple thousand a month to just do the coding. If he says no to that, I quit.

So I might be very happily employed within the next couple of weeks OR... unemployed altogether. I'm not going to worry about it. I have high hopes of it working out the way I want it to, but if it doesn't, something else will come along. I'm not out of options yet.

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