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2004-12-09 - 9:44 p.m.

My workplace is absolute chaos, hinging on pandemonium. We have a few people on the verge of running amok.


No one knows what they are supposed to be doing. The bosses are not on the same page as far as delegation of responsibilities. Tomorrow I have got to handle up on a few situations before they hit critical mass. I am interrupted all day every day and soon I will have to draw a line in the sand about what I can and cannot be bothered with. Overall, I am still liking it and it's rather fun.

Plus, this jacuzzi never gets old. (terribly sorry, Miss Evil). I get in the jacuzzi as soon as I get in from work each evening. I like to put my feet on the jets and get a foot massage. Tonight I am going to sleep more. I coughed a lot last night and I was up half the night waiting for a phone call. I am tired. Mr. Philly should be deeply ashamed of himself for making a girl wait.

Tomorrow I will go home at about 3 pm. Yay! I will get to see my christmas tree and my lovedid ones, for a brief visit, then I'll be back in the chaos next week.

Things are pretty swell right now.

That's all.

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