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2004-05-02 - 12:14 a.m.

Myra, the Bink, and myself went out last night for an evening of charity work. Myra, being a local celebrity was prevailed upon to make a cake and give a presentation designed to get area rich folks to spend an ungodly fortune for the cake in a charity auction. All proceeds went to the Quota Club and they will be using it for the hearing impaired, underprivileged, endangered, spotted wood ticks or something.

These cakes were selling for a couple of hundred bucks a piece, up to about $425.00. It was more fun than I thought it was going to be. We really had a good time. I won a prize. That's always nice. There were centerpieces on all the tables made of large terracotta flower pots with dish towels, cake mixes, measuring cups, baking implements and other assorted do-dads in them. An announcement was made that one chair at each table was marked as the winner of the center piece for that table and mine just happened to be the one. I'm a lucky duck.

Myra did her usual thing and really pulled a magic rabbit out of her ass at the last minute, coming through with a great presentation. She is good at working a room. She wrote a poem on the spot that detailed the ridiculous struggle she had in getting her cake together and getting herself to the auction. It was really funny and entertaining. Maybe I can get her to post the poem on her site for everybody to read.

We had a fun time. There was an open bar and the MC, another area DJ who is well known for being an assclown, was drinking non-stop all night. Within a few minutes of the program opening, he had already made some jokes that were homophobic and racist. I was shocked at some of the things he said. He could have been funny without being offensive. His work overall was about 95% ok and 5% not ok. I didn't laugh at his racist/homophobe jokes at all and I was SHOCKED that anyone else did. Sadly, some did.

I went on too much about the ignorance, because the truth is, if you took out about 3 jokes he made, the rest of his schtick was pretty funny and non-offensive and the evening overall was a good one. There were several really funny moments and a lot of money was raised for their cause.

My butt got really sore sitting there for so long though. It took much longer than we expected. The auctioning was fun. When I get old I might join the Quota Club or something. Seems like they have fun.

Oh no!! I have a big taste bud!! You know how sometimes you get a big taste bud that is sore? I hate when that happens. Now I can't leave it alone.

Here goes another weekend and I haven't done a single thing I intended to do. I meant to go to the mall today. I have a coupon for a free full size lotion from bath & body works. Can't let that go by. It expires May 9th. I was going to do some research for work. Yeah, right. I was going to re-arrange my room, or at least get rid of a bunch of stuff I don't need. I was going to watch some Sopranos episodes on my "On Demand" thingy because I've missed EVERY episode of the new season so far. I'm going to do that as soon as I get done here. I'll watch one episode or two. I need to do that every week till I catch up. I'm missing all the Sopranos discussion on Slate.com because I don't want to ruin it for myself and find out what's happened before I get a chance to watch it. I gotta get on the stick around here.

I've noticed a trend... people seem to not do much updating of their diaries on the weekends. What's up with that? I'm here to read, people. I want to see my buddy list all lit up with new entries! Everyone seems to neglect it on the weekends and then they all update at once during the weekdays.


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