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2006-04-14 - 1:01 a.m.

Happy Friday!!

I tried to get a Friday night chatfest all planned out for this coming Friday, but the plans seem sort of shaky at best, so here's the deal: I am going to go into the Diaryland Chat area and open a chat room called "wilberteets" at 9 pm, central time. So anyone who wants to come in and chat is welcome. Don't think you need a specific invite. If you are a stranger who accidentally happens upon this blog and sees this, you're invited. If we can't get a good turn out on a Friday, we'll try another day of the week. Like a Wednesday or something. I hope some people come in and chat! Evil, I'm counting on you sistah.


Work update:

I went to work on Tuesday and noticed right off that some people were scurrying about, trying to prepare, just in case of a surprise inspection. Imagine that. haha. Funny how they piss people off and then start trying to get ready for the repercussions just in case you turn their asses in.

A new nurse came in and told me I needed to have a TB test, because my employee file doesn't have one. On the outside I said "Oh, sure, I'll come down later and take care of that." But on the inside I was saying "Like Hell."

A little later, another nurse came to find me. She asked me if I would come get my TB test. I said yes, but it would have to wait until after my 1:00 pm meeting. So she went away. After my meeting, she came back with a hypodermic and an alcohol prep pad. I showed her the hand and refused the needle again. This time she figured out that I was not really going to submit to any needle-sticking-type situations. This is not because I fear needles. I just don't want to give them anything until they give me my damn check.

A bit later the new admin guy, who is my buddy, came down and tried to talk me into taking the TB test. I told him that it's mighty funny how everybody is always wanting something from me but nobody ever wants to give me what I'm asking for. He begged some more. I refused some more. I said "A needle just seems a tad bit invasive to me today and I already feel pretty rudely invaded by this company, and no one has even bought me a lobster yet, so I don't think so. I won't be doing that today." He said he's been told that he is pretty good at "invading people". Hrmmm. I think that might qualify as too much information from him. He begged some more and I could see that he was never going to go away, so I said "Ok! You talked me into it!"

He went happily on his way, saying he would send the nurse back to do the test. And then I left for the day. No TB test. Cause I'm tricky like that.

The next day he called me at home and didn't say a word about it, but he did show a renewed interest in trying to get my money from the sheisters. He wrote them a letter and basically said that since I know where all the bodies are hidden and I have become so very unhappy about them jerking me around about my money, they are playing pretty fast and loose with their license. Because if I get mad enough to turn them in, I could do great damage to their ability to continue existing, with all the damaging info I have access to. It behooves them greatly to just pay me what they owe me. Let's hope someone has an extra brain cell floating around and thinks for a half a second so they can pay me and save themselves a lot of grief.

On my way to work on Tuesday, I talked to the accounts payable clerk who said my expense check from 6 months ago was going to be cut this week, so I decided not to totally throw down the gauntlet by refusing to do anymore billing stuff for them until they pay me. Instead, I chose the dreaded stealth attack mode, whereby I turn in some billings, but let's just say... they won't go through. This way, they do not receive any of their money, but they are not alerted to the fact that the money isn't coming right away. I can always get their money for them... after they pay me of course.

But I didn't have to do that, because they were foiled by their own dumbassery. I didn't have to do anything. Due to their dishonest non-payment of their bills, I can't get into the software I use to get the billing transmitted in and I can't get any money for them even if I did want to. They totally screwed themselves!

And that's very funny!

It's extra good, because I sent my stuff in just like always, and it looks like everything is fine. If they keep their word this week and send my check, I'll alert them to the fact that you do have to pay the bills if you expect to keep getting paid. I can help them get the money coming in again. However, if they fail to keep their word this time, I ain't saying shit. They can find out when everything gets denied. Then I'll tell them I can fix it all, but I have this new policy I have to adhere to, and that policy says I gots to be paid before I save the company.

It's SO stupid to piss off your money person.

With this new turn of events, if they decide to fire me instead of paying me what they owe me, they will be looking at a really long and damaging break in cash flow. They'll have to find someone to do each piece of my job and some of it is very detailed education intensive stuff. You aren't born knowing how to do it. The software isn't the most user friendly thing on earth and no one in our whole company knows how to use it but me. There are not many of us around who know how to do my job, so they will probably have to start from scratch and have someone figure it out. That will cost tens of thousands in lost money due to mistakes during the learning process. They'll end up hiring me back to untangle the mess and refile their screwed up billings.

It's all very interesting. Never a dull moment.

I'm very sleepy. I've had a tragic lack of sleep this week, despite being off work a lot. I had to get up early every day for some reason or another. I had my yard landscaped yesterday and today. Looks mahvelous.


Must go.


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