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2006-04-21 - 12:14 a.m.

I am going in to work tomorrow and I have to do every bit of my stuff before I can leave, but I plan to do it all as frickin briefly as possible, seeing as how they haven't paid me my damn expense money yet.

I caused a serious uproar around there. They all can't believe I would be so cruel as to make them wait 3 extra days for their money, and all because they've withheld my expense money for 6 months. How unreasonable can I possibly be?

So here's the scoop: I will come in tomorrow evening and get online for the chatfest. Anyone who sees this, member or non-member, reader or accidental dropper-inner, you are all welcome to come to Diaryland chat in a room called "wilberteets" at 9 pm central, 10 pm eastern. It is possible that I will be late, but not real likely. I plan to sling my shit together as fast as possible at the hospital tomorrow and get home on time. I am obligated (har har) to stay until I finish all my work.

Imagine how much I care about accuracy at this point. Right now, it's all about speed. Usually, everyone peels out as early as possible on Fridays, so I should not have too much interruption.

The one guy that just won't leave me alone and let me work is not going to be there tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have smooth sailing. He must have called me 40 times this week while I was refusing to go in.

Anyways, I won't forget the chatfest, so if I'm not there on time, somebody make the room and get started without me. I will do my best to be on time though. Looking forward to it!!

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