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2006-04-10 - 11:21 p.m.

Two entries in one day!

I usually like to leave up an entry and let it resonate a little before I replace it with something else, but I had an idea so swell that I decided to go ahead and blow my previous entry out of the way so I can get this thing going as fast as possible:

If you did not see the horrible tale of intrigue and gritty battle that I posted earlier today, click back one entry and get the scoop.

Now, on to the business at hand:

I was clicking around D-Land, generally being slightly bored because most of the slackers on my buddy list haven't updated today, when I discovered the Diaryland chat room. I logged in, just out of curiosity and checked it out. This gave me the swell idea to try to organize a chat party in there! Let's come up with a prearranged time and meet in there and just shoot the breeze for while!

Let's try to pick a time when the most people are likely to be available. Maybe we should make it late enough that parents have put their kids to bed, but not so late that everyone will be exhausted at work the next day. Maybe 9 or 10 pm? What day of the week is good for everyone? Since people do not update a lot over the weekend, it must not be a good time, so how about a week night, like Wednesday?

Gimme some feedback on this. Am I the only one who would enjoy spending some time chatting amongst the D-Landers? Please leave a comment with any day of the week or time preferences you have and let's try to get it together, my peeps. It doesn't have to be just Teetsville readers, it can be anyone. If you read sometimes but never comment, go ahead and comment, everyone is welcome. Can non-Dlanders log in to that chat room? I'll bet not. But you could easily set up a free account before time for the chat and use that ID to sign in.

How about it, folks?

I can do it most any evening. Lateness of the hour matters not to me. I am perfectly willing to do it on the weekends, but some of us apparently have a life and are not available on the weekends.

Let's plan a chat party!

What's say?

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