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2006-04-15 - 3:04 a.m.

Well, ya missed it. Unless you didn't miss it. In which case, it was fun, wasn't it?

We had the chatfest. Friday night, started at 9 pm central time and it was lots of fun. We are going to do it again probably next Friday night. Everyone who missed it is encouraged to show up for the next one. Just a handful of you showed up, but we had a good lively discussion that covered all kinds of topics. I'll make a little list of some of the topics we raked over the coals:

Crazy moms
Happy pills
Who all takes the happy pills
What a lush everyone is
Crawfish poo
Critters whose asses have to be wiped before they are consumed.
Lube, lube, lube
Lots of lube
Lube preferences
Times when a "gentleman" uses lube.
Funny defunct blogs
Bloggers who got kicked off D-Land for being bad to Andrew.
What unspeakable naughty things Artgnome would like to do to her professor.
At gunpoint.
Dora the MFing Explorer and the fucking MAP.
How cute Smed's kids are.
Astrology - discussion on which sign is usually an asshole.
Pot vs. Hash

Twas fun. More to come in the future. You life-havers really missed out. Do try to come to the next one dahlings. We'll talk amongst ourselves.

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