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2004-03-24 - 8:18 p.m.

Miss Abigail had her check-up and is doing well so far with her heart worm treatment. We have 3 more weeks of high danger and then she is out of the woods. I hope everything goes well. She is doing better today than she has since the treatment started. She hasn't coughed much today.

I've been at home with her all week and she is spoiled already from all the extra attention. I was contemplating not going to work tomorrow or Friday, but I am so curious about what has happened in my absence that I think I will go after all.

I found out that the boneheads were in such a huge hurry to get the billing in, that they decided to give it to the Director of Nurses to attempt the coding and she told me she has zero experience and has no idea whether they did any of it right.

Now I have a new dilemma. Do I fix the poor coding and let them have the thousands of dollars of increased revenue that they missed, thus proving to them that I do bring higher dollars than another person would, or do I let them lose what could amount to multiple thousands of dollars and resign from them anyway?

I think the climate at my work place will determine that. If they are ass-monkeys to me as usual, I will probably let them absorb the loss. If they act like maybe they see why I'm useful around there all of a sudden, I might fix it for them.

They have a very short memory when it comes to things they should be grateful for. Even if I fix it, they'll be assholing it up again within a week, most likely.

At any rate, it will be interesting to see what transpires at work and how bad they botched the billing codes.

This will be a heck of a short work week for me. ::happy happy joy joy::

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