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2006-05-21 - 12:37 a.m.

Oh Shit...

Get up, come on, get down with the sickness.

You mother.

Get up, come on, get down with the sickness.

You fucker.

The funny happens here

Do check out my new song on My Space. It's not a new song, but it's funny. Listen to the whole thing. You might want to click "view" on my music thingy so you can hear the other songs. All funny.

I think "People Equals Shit" originally by Slipknot, covered by Richard Cheese, is my new favorite song. I'll make that my new myspace song in a day or two.


I'm afraid that the proper level of outrage and fury will not be reached in the next bit, because I am hearing Richard Cheese crooning "Baby Got Back" as I type this, but a terrible injustice has been done to me and I must share.

I had an appointment with Cablevision for 5 pm on Friday. I left Shreveport at 3:00 to make sure I'd be home on time for the set appointment. They were to be here between 5 and 7pm. So at 7:05, I called Cablevision and they said the technician cancelled my appointment because he tried to call my house phone and did not receive an answer. This is SO annoying to me. I made special plans to be here at 5, and this butt munch took it upon himself to cancel my appointment. I don't even have a phone hooked up to the house number. I had no idea they would pull something like that. If they want to talk to me, the cell phone number is the number to use.

The rude-ass representative said that it's their policy now to call ahead and if they don't get an answer, they don't show up. Nice customer service. She re-scheduled my cable appointment for Sunday between 3 and 5 pm. We'll see if they show up this time.

I had to call them for a repair because my beloved DVR box has started messing up. It sometimes doesn't tape shows I set it to tape. It missed the SURVIVOR FINALE for the love of Pete. I watched the entire season and MISSED the finale!!!! I got nothing but black screen on a couple of other shows I thought I was taping. When I reported this problem, the tech support person told me these DVR boxes needed upgrading and they've been having lots of complaints lately.


Yet, they're making no spontaneous moves to fix anything. They are going to fix the problem one box at a time I suppose.

Maybe I should re-think that Dish network deal.


Apparently, it is rude to say the following statement to a very short man in a pub: "Shouldn't you be baking cookies in a hollow tree somewhere?"

I've been twice told, since making that comment, that I am a terrible person.

So I thought the rest of you should be warned to avoid that particular line, because it DOES NOT win friends and influence people.

That is all.

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