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2005-05-17 - 10:49 p.m.

Something must be going on astrologically. Things have gone berzerk in general. I've had a ridiculous time lately. Some has been good and some not so good. Explosive things have been going on at work, and all of a sudden, things have gone haywire at my hotel, where I live during the week.

Yesterday, for the first time ever, they were so far over-sold-out, that I had to go stay at their crappy little spill over hotel that they keep for when they double book a bunch of rooms. Yes, you can have a solid reservation at a hotel and end up with no room. I didn't know that was a possibility, but I found out the hard way.

Today, I tried to check in a little early, just to make sure I'd have a room. They wouldn't let me check in early. I asked for the best time to check in and the rudenik at the front desk told me to relax, I would have a room. I told her what happened last night and she said "You'll HAVE a room." As if I were crazy to suggest that they might leave a sistah out in the cold. I called back a little before 6 and was told to come on and check in. When I got there, they said the rooms weren't ready. Apparently everyone in housekeeping called in sick today and the rooms were not made up yet. I invited them to put me in an uncleaned room and I'll do it myself.

Nothing doing. Outta luck.

So I waited as they asked me to... and I finally got my key at almost 9 pm.


Room service stops at 9 pm, and the buffet closes, so I had to drive someplace to buy food. So, I finally got back to my room and it's not in the "new section" where I usually get to stay so I'm already sort of disappointed and then, adding insult to injury, I couldn't call out on the dialup because the newbies working the desk don't know the deal. The deal whereby I get to charge things to my room and make calls without a 25 dollar deposit or a credit card on file.

I had to waste my precious time telling 3 different people about the problem before someone finally got the manager. She was giving me the same song and dance I've heard a half dozen times before, and was acting like she was not going to open up my line for calls. So I had to pull out the big guns and start bitching about being shut out last night and having to wait until 9 pm tonight to get my room key. While she was making apologies about the inconvenience, I put it into a high gear whine and told her I'm tired and I have been jerked around for 2 nights in a row by this hotel, could she not just do what they've done every single night I've ever stayed here and open the damn line???

And as you can see... I'm online. So it worked. Works every time. Tomorrow though, I am changing our corporate account here to reflect that our line is to be left open. I have to go through this about once a month. Some newbie gets on the front desk and leaves my phone access turned off. ARGH.

I'm in the old section of the hotel. Boo. I like the new section.

I'm starting to wonder how long my company is going to exist with some of the dumbass moves the top bosses are making. I want this sweet deal to keep on going cause even when it's bad, it's pretty damn good. I like living in a big hotel. I love my job. There's just that one problem. Dumbass at the helm.
There's a lot of that going around.

I've been working my butt off lately. I'm making good progress though. I just don't want to see it all go away. I'm banking all my money just in case though.

One week from today Seether releases their new album "Karma and Effect". I'm counting the minutes.

Yeah buddy.

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