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2004-12-02 - 12:21 a.m.

Huh-wheeeeeeeeze * Cough * sputter * HACK

Dyin' I tell ya.

I have crawled my way to the computer on the last wisp of strength I had in order to share the tale of weirdness that occurred while the whole famn damily spent Thanksgiving weekend in Hot Springs.

You may or may not know, Gentle Reader, that the Halls of Teetsville are blessed with many a fur-bearing pet. Up until this weekend, we had a dog, 2 cats, 2 gerbils, and one thieving, biting, ferret. Before time to leave on the trip, one of the gerbils fell ill. Since gerbils don't live very long and these two gerbils had doubled their expected normal lifespan, we thought it was just "Cheesy's" time to go. The two gerbils were named Cheesy and Poof.

So we thought about what to do... can't leave the sick one to die and freak out the other one... she might make it over the weekend, might not... maybe we should end it for her and administer a mercy killing... nobody here could do that... what to do... what to do..

So we turned the sick gerbil over to our neighbor and asked him to please take care of it in a fast humane way, because there was no saving this ancient gerbil and we had to leave town. The vet wasn't open...

So after all this planning, thinking, worrying over one dead gerbil and one live one... guess what Myra found when she got home???

Poof kicked it too! Both gerbils died on the same weekend. Myra and the ankle biters came home a day before me and Binky and she found not one stiff, but two. We didn't realize Poof was on the way to her final reward as well.

They bought the farm simultaneously.. kicked the bucket... shuffled off this mortal coil... assumed room temperature... ceased to beeeee... dead, kaput, overwith... their long long journey ended at last.

We were, of course, devastated at the tragic loss of these two fine rodents. We were able to find a small silver lining in the midst of our overwhelming grief: Gerbil ass is small, but mighty. We will not be smelling gerbil ass any more!!! One cannot help but be happy about that.

There are 2 less pets in Teetsville tonight.

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