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2005-11-04 - 10:04 p.m.

Oh boy, my Amourous co-worker is laying it on thick.

Today I was having a job-related conversation with him and all of a sudden, while he was talking, he started stumbling over words and finally just trailed off and then after a moment of silence, he said "I'm sorry.... I zoned out...I was just looking at your lips."

My lips. What am I supposed to say back to that?

I'm fully expecting him to ask me if I'm tired... because I've been running through his mind all day.

I think one of the therapy techs might have a crush on him. She seems awfully quiet lately. I hope she doesn't get mad at me. Might be too late. I'm not pursuing him at all, so she should not blame a sistah for just existing.

People, I am so blessedly happy it's Friday. This was a long grizzly week. The new person who seems to not know her ass from a hole in the ground has requested the same damn information I've already sent repeatedly. She told the big boss that the reason she has not finished her stuff is because she is waiting for me to send her these info sheets. I sent them already 4 times, the first time being in mid October. I sent them off for the 5th time today, but I also forwarded the old emails to her AND to all the bosses. I listed all the dates that I previously sent the stuff, and said that from now on, I'll cc everyone with all the patient info so that everyone knows I did my part. That oughta fix her wagon.

The old sheep stealing is over, Hussy. NOW try to tell the bosses you didn't receive the requested info! Ya lying scurvy dog!

If you see a news item that says a Louisiana woman beat a therapist over the head with a boat oar and killed a co-worker by cramming a stack of emails down her throat, you'll know I reached my limit of tolerance.

I'm supposed to go down south next week, but I'm not sure I'll do it. I am going to wait and see if they send me my damn expense check. They owe me some big bucks right now. I might hold out for the money, or I might go, because my other client wants me to come back.

We finally got rid of the annoying patient!!! There was much gladness and singing today.

Yes indeed.

I'm still treadmilling like a fiend. Go me. I ate some sugar on Halloween and I was ravenous for 3 days. Sugar makes me really hungry. It's an appetite stimulant, you know. Sugar is the devil. I also ate some sugar the day after Halloween, because the devil made me do it. Sugar calls for more sugar. I stayed off it the following day and finally normalized. The only time I wake up hungry is when I've had a lot of sugar or complex carbs the day before.

Myra bought me a big ice cream cone tonight. I ate half of it. I'm guessing I might be hungry tomorrow. Hopefully the damage won't be too bad after half a cone. I was happy all day that I finally got over Halloween and then turned right around and ate that ice cream. At least I'm faithful with my treadmilling.

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