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2004-12-17 - 11:49 p.m.

Home Sweet Home...

Hey, wait a minute. I miss my Jacuzzi!!! It is sad how fast a girl can get spoiled. I leave my nice, clean, perfect hotel suite and come back to this not-new, needs-cleaning, not-so-exciting house. But I am happy to see my comfy bed and my fabulous sheets and my Tivo.

I have been thinking that maybe if and when I decide to get a job that is not so full of travels, maybe I will have a house built that has all the bells and whistles I want and leaves off the unnecessary stuff. That suite is all I really need. I could have a house built with a really nice hotel in mind and have a really super fancy bathroom, a big master bedroom, really nice but functional furniture, and a place for everything in not so many square feet. I could set myself up a really nice habitat that has all the stuff that is really thrilling to me. I never knew I would enjoy a jacuzzi that much. I get in it every single evening after work and it makes me feel better. It relaxes me and massages my feet. I need one. My little ordinary bathtub is SO inadequate now. I just took a bath a little while ago and it was SAD compared to what I've been having.

I'm ruined.

We had a christmas party at my new facility today. I had to buy a gift for a rank stranger that I know nothing about. So I got her something really cool that I would love to have. You know how those workplace gift exchange things go. You buy a fabulous gift for someone and you get a used jock strap or a bag full of bic shavers for a gift. Or a freakin jigsaw puzzle for ages 3-8. I can't escape from fugly snowman do-dads. Today I became the proud owner of yet another crappy christmasy seasonal item with a freakin snowman on it. I hate Frosty. There, I said it.

A good friend of mine once gave me the ugliest damn snowman thing I have ever seen. It looked like it was made out of rags. It was just so painfully ugly. She thought it was SOOOOO cute. I had to pretend it was great, but the thing gave me nightmares. I guess it fit into a country type decor. Love my friend, hate her taste.

God, deliver me from "country" decor.

I also am not one for very cutesy things. You'll never see me wearing anything with teddy bears appliqued on it. I'm not fond of things that most women refer to as "cute".

Bah humbug. (While I'm at it)

Speaking of the joy of christmas... I have got to finish my christmas shopping tomorrow. Otherwise I am screwed. I'll be at work all next week until Thursday afternoon and that's right before christmas. I've gotten to that "cost is no object" stage. I just have to get the shit done now. I have a lot of my shopping done, but I have to get stuff for the sister, the nephew and the Binkness. Tomorrow.

Time is just flying by too fast.

I got Wibby something great. I got her a big dress up set with a princess outfit and a balerina outfit. The thing has a tiara, jewelry, shoes, and the princess dress has a hoop in it to make it stand out like a real princess dress should. She's going to flip. I have a talent for finding the present that makes the kid go wild. I'll probably get the boy an xbox game or something. Nothing huge or noisy this year. I've learned my lesson about that. It used to be funny to give him loud, annoying presents, but now he lives at my house. Amazing how my perspective changed on loud and big toys.

HEY!! Something CRAZY happened last night. At 4 am I was awakened to hear a man's voice saying "The emergency is over, you may return to your activities." It was repeating over and over. I was tired and disoriented, so I answered the phone, hit the snooze button, checked my cell phone, picked up the clock and shook it... nothing was making the sound stop. I finally figured out it was coming out of a speaker on the wall, near the ceiling. I woke up enough to call the front desk and I asked the night manager if everyone's walls talked or was that just in my room. She apologized profusely, saying something had tripped the alarm. So I went back to sleep and about an hour later, it did it again. I called down there again and said "Are we all gonna die?" She said they didn't know what was causing the alarm to go off. They were trying to get it stopped.

So when it was really time for my wake up call, I didn't believe it. I had the alarm set for backup, and I didn't believe it either. I was all programmed for sleep interruptions by this time. I kept hitting the snooze button and didn't get up till about 7:20. That put me a little late getting to work, but nobody cares what time anyone arrives as long as they can get their work done. They cool like that. All that waking up wears a girl out.

OK- I am now the Teets of Exhaustion. I must rest... rest like the wind. Or like a really tired person. Or a dead thing.

So tired...

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