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2004-05-18 - 9:45 p.m.

I'm in my hotel and there is apparently a traveling circus in the room directly above mine. I saw a giant white guy with a bald head and a handle bar mustache. He looks like a circus strong man. Apparently he brought a band of circus chimps, and the floor pounding racket was unceasing. I finally called the front desk to see what they would advise. They offered to call the people and ask them to hold it down. I was a little worried about the prospect of having a giant angry bald man beating the door down, or an extreme payback of the floor pounding variety.

Indeed, it seemed to get a little louder after that, what with the circus chimps practicing their unicycle tricks and tumbling maneuvers, but now it is eerily quiet. I'll bet they went out to dinner and can't wait to get back so they can hold three legged sack races while juggling dishes and cow bells. That, or they are silently lurking outside my door, hoping I am stupid enough to try to emerge.

Ah well... such is life.

I am happy to be back in Shreveport. I've already been invited to Pokeno, and I guess I'll go. It was fun last time.

Thank you very much to all you good people who filled out my surveys. And a pox on the rest of you varmints. (Just kidding. harhar. Go fill it out at once!)

Please use the links below to go do my two surveys... one about random stuff and one about sex.

This is the first survey I made...C'mon... take it. I double dog dare you!

This is my second survey and it is about S-E-X. You know you wanna

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