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2004-06-24 - 12:03 a.m.

I want to tell you more about the ghost tour at the haunted Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It was so much fun. I found a picture on the ghost tour website. That URL is www.eureka-springs-ghost.com if you'd like to visit and see the rest of the pictures. The pictures on the gallery are mostly of light orbs. If you take pictures at the Crescent, you are very likely to capture some light orbs.

Here is a picture of the ghost on the steps:

The story is that Michael, the young Irish stone mason who fell to his death in the 1800's while building the hotel, sits on the steps sometimes and has been sighted quite a bit. He also appeared in a mirror behind an Irish woman who was visiting from Ireland. He apparently was attracted when she started speaking in Gaelic, his native tongue. He also has been sighted in the linen room on the second floor. Linen floats around from one shelf to another in there and they have a big turn over in housekeepers for that reason. Some of 'em ain't trying to see no ghosts.

This is our clairvoyant tour guide, Carroll:

He wasn't dressed like this on our tour. That must have been a special occasion or something. He was dressed normally. This is a very sweet man and he spent a long while with us after the tour. He told us that our auras were a purple color and it is a color of compassion and love. He invited us to put our hands about 18 inches from his body and feel the warmth of his aura, and we did. He also felt our auras and said "Wow! You girls are great!" We had a great time visiting with him. He recommended a good book for us to read. He told us a lot of useful things. Myra asked him if his aura was blue and he said "Yes! It is!"

She could see it. The only time I spontaneously see an aura is when someone is sick and they appear green to me. I didn't realize it was an aura, but I described the crazy mess that happens to me when someone is sick or dying (I see them as green when they are sick or I cry uncontrollably for no reason that I can figure out and they die before I ever see them again). Carroll explained to me that what I am seeing is an aura of illness.

If reincarnation is true I'll bet the ones I cry about are souls that I've known before and I'm sad on some cell memory level that we are parting until some future life. I don't know, but it's weird as all hell when it happens, and embarrassing too. I keep my emotions under control most of the time and it makes me very uncomfortable to lose it like that. Especially when I have no reason to be sad.

I would like to learn to control my psychic ability because it is very strong, but I don't know how to control and direct it. I am a helpless victim of the things that happen. Every now and then I tune in to someone so well that I could give them a SPOOKY psychic reading. I had that connection with Carroll. I knew his life story before he told it. I could have blown him away with the stuff I knew about him. Mine comes out as a "knowing". I'd love to be able to make that connection happen at my will. But his energy was an open book. He was all there for the taking. Or the knowing.

Carroll does readings about past lives and things. We are going back to see him and next time we will have readings. We spend money on massages, so why not a reading? I'd like to do this in the fall. Maybe when Bink gets a break from school. I want her to go and meet Carroll. Plus I want to scare the crap out of her at the Crescent. We will be staying there. bwahahaha.

We LOVE Carroll. He was probably our daddy in some past life. hehe.

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