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2003-11-06 - 3:07 p.m.


My sister, MyraMains, is apparently not in the mood to take any shit whatsoever.

She told that ignorant fuckstick at the station to SHOVE IT WHERE DEE SUN DON'T SHIIIIIINE and parted ways with her job this morning. He was just being the same old asshole he always is, but this time she dropped the hammer and the station lost their MVP and production manager. OOPSIE!

She left Mr. Spacely sitting there with steam coming out his ears and his face all purple. That's not the first time she's done that, but it is the first time he lost his best DJ and the person who brings in the most advertisment and live remote dollars.

This will mess up his annual advertisement bonus.

The really funny thing is that this same jerk will probably have to replace his sales team as well. At least some of them will leave. They get people to buy commercials by promising it will be done by her.

She got 3 job offers before she made it all the way out to her car. Word travels fast, people are spreading the word that she's up for grabs. We met for lunch today and I told her "You, my friend, are a bucket of chum and the sharks are circling".

She said "I'm corn and the chickens are coming."

She is a free agent in every way right now and it's a liberating thing. She was excited, bright eyed, and laughing at lunch. It must be nice to be able to walk out of a job without a worry. She is always being courted by the other stations and she got an offer to do TV today, but she doesn't really enjoy doing TV projects. I guess whoever brings the sweetest deal will win this one.

I won't give all her juicy details. Let the girl have something to tell.

I am so glad her ridiculous skidmark of a boss finally got what he has deserved for so long.

Go Myra, it's your birfday!

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